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Your company can get involved in missions by making a corporate contribution to Ethnos360. Ethnos360 is a registered (501c3) charitable organization. (If you're considering a personal contribution, you may wish to check whether your company will match your gift to a registered charity.)

Matching gifts

You can double your employees' contributions to Ethnos360 by matching their gifts.

Monetary Gifts

Your company can make a special gift or a one-time gift, or give on an annual or monthly basis.

Excess Inventory

Write excess inventory off your taxes by donating medical supplies, furniture, computers, software, vehicles and other mission necessities.

Foundations and Grants

Underwrite mission projects, support a missionary's ministry or fund Ethnos360's general operations.

To explore these opportunities, please contact the Stewardship Development Office at 800-813-1566 or, or fill out the corporate giving form below.

Corporate Giving Form
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We appreciate your interest in giving to Ethnos360!

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