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As believers, we can be good stewards of our assets, even after death. A will gives you the opportunity to continue transforming lives around the world through your legacy. With this one document you can direct your earthly assets to make a heavenly impact.

A will is also a great way to help your children understand your intentions after your passing. With a will you can avoid a lot of family frustration and help simplify probate, which is the legal process that takes place after a person dies.

If you do not have a will, the state you live in determines how your assets will be divided. This is a lengthy and expensive process. However, having a will in place helps make it faster.

To have your assets totally bypass probate, you will need a trust, which will give you even greater flexibility in how your assets are handled. Both wills and trusts provide peace of mind while also passing on resources to the generation that follows.

Giving through a will or a trust is simple. Some people carve out a portion of their assets to be given to a ministry of their choice upon death. This simplifies the process because any legacy gifts are donated before the assets pass down to the beneficiaries, making sure the intentions of the donor are met.

Wills and trusts are very useful, and we encourage you to seek legal counsel to properly proceed. If you would like help with a will or a trust, or plan to give to Ethnos360 in this capacity, contact us, and we will assist you. We can be reached at 800-813-1566 or email

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