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Lisa Kappeler Interview

“I can't imagine doing what we do without computers. It's pretty vital.”

- Lisa Kappeler, Bible translator to the Uriay people of Papua New Guinea and translation consultant

How does IT fit into missions?

“I just can't imagine the amount of time that was spent in making corrections that I do now with one button.”

Technology has transformed Lisa Kappeler’s ministry over her 11 years as a Bible translator among the Uriay people of Papua New Guinea and as a Bible translation consultant.

But it takes IT professionals behind the scenes to allow that “push of a button” to happen.

You, as an IT professional, can help missionaries everyday to:

  • Learn a new language more quickly

  • Understand a foreign culture

  • Translate the Bible faster and accurately

  • Produce Bible curriculum

  • Develop literacy materials

  • Communicate with consultants

  • Equip the church

You can use your IT skills in missions in the USA or overseas as Security and Compliance Administrators, Data and Intelligence Analysts, Network and Systems Engineers, Hardware and Software Technicians, Software Programmers and Developers and Training Specialists and End-User Support.

Lisa concludes, “I can't imagine doing what we do without computers. It's pretty vital.”

Network Cables ad devices in a rack

Explore Your Opportunities

Job Type: Technology   Region: Asia-Pacific   Country: Papua New Guinea   Duration: 1 Year  
1.    Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to capture, organize, centralize, archive, maintain and access current and future organization-wide information.  Train people to input and retrieve data.  This includes: a)    Identify what information needs to be captured, both current and future. b)    Identify the uses of that information. c)    Develop methods to collect information. d)    Develop methods for... View More
Job Type: Technology   Region: Africa   Country: West Africa   Duration: Career  
Seeking to meet the computer needs of the field office and church planters in West Africa through personal expertise and through discipleship equipping someone from a local church or community). View More

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Expediting the Reach of the Gospel through IT

“And yet I don't know of a missionary working on translation in any location that's not dependent on [computers]. Not if they want to do it the quicker, more efficient, easier way.” –Lisa Kappeler
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