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Job Type:Education other   Country:Philippines  
Managing and overseeing the school's athletic program. View More
Job Type:Health Care   Region:Asia-Pacific   Country:Philippines  
The Training Coach will work with the Athletic Department, coaches and the Health Office to promote health, fitness, injury prevention and conditioning.    View More
Job Type:Aviation   Duration:Career  
To maintain avionics systems of Ethnos360 Aviation aircraft as they serve missionaries in the church planting effort of Ethnos360 and its affiliates. View More
Job Type:Education Secondary teaching   Region:Asia-Pacific   Country:Asia-Pacific region   Duration:9 Months  
To direct band at Hillcrest International School. View More
Job Type:Evangelism and Church Planting   Region:North America   Country:Mexico   Duration:4 Years  
Translate Scripture as part of a church planting team. Form relationships by serving and learning culture and language. View More
Job Type:Education other, Hospitality   Region:Latin America   Country:Brazil   Duration:1 Year  
To provide a caring nurturing environment for boarding students. View More
Job Type:Education other   Country:Senegal   Duration:2 Years  
To provide a caring and nurturing environment for boarding students. View More
Job Type:Business and Administration   Country:Bolivia   Duration:Career  
Be the bookkeeper for the national training center; be a back up for the primary bookkeeper; get involved in a Spanish speaking local church. View More