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Job Type:Health Care   Region:Asia-Pacific   Country:Philippines  
The Training Coach will work with the Athletic Department, coaches and the Health Office to promote health, fitness, injury prevention and conditioning.    View More
Job Type:Aviation   Duration:Career  
To maintain avionics systems of Ethnos360 Aviation aircraft as they serve missionaries in the church planting effort of Ethnos360 and its affiliates. View More
Job Type:Education Secondary teaching   Region:Asia-Pacific   Country:Asia-Pacific region   Duration:9 Months  
To direct band at Hillcrest International School. View More
Job Type:Evangelism and Church Planting   Region:North America   Country:Mexico   Duration:4 Years  
 Translate Scripture as part of a church planting team. Form relationships by serving and learning culture and language. View More
Job Type:Education other, Hospitality   Region:Latin America   Country:Brazil   Duration:1 Year  
To provide a caring nurturing environment for boarding students. View More
Job Type:Education other   Country:Senegal   Duration:2 Years  
To provide a caring and nurturing environment for boarding students. View More
Job Type:Business and Administration   Country:Bolivia   Duration:Career  
Be the bookkeeper for the national training center; be a back up for the primary bookkeeper; get involved in a Spanish speaking local church. View More
Job Type:Business and Administration   Region:North America   Country:United States  
Perform general accounting duties for Ethnos360 Aviation to maintain complete sets of financial records, keep track of accounts, and verify the accuracy of accounts and procedures used for recording financial transactions. View More