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Engage with Ethnos360

Choose a sending organization wisely.

Your goal in missions should be biblical. Your ministry, strategic. Your methods, effective.

You should choose an organization that facilitates professional development, works in partnership with the local church, and functions as a worldwide team.

You’ll find all of those when you engage with Ethnos360.

Biblical Goal

What’s God’s Word tell us to do?

Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) — and the word for “nation” in Greek is ethnos, which means people group. From Acts, we know that Paul and many in the early church put this into practice by establishing thriving churches where the gospel had not yet gone, a strategy Paul explained in Romans 15:20.

The world has changed greatly since then, but God never changes. He still wants people like you to take His Word to the thousands of people groups who have no church.

Will you join Ethnos360 in embracing the vision of a thriving church for every people?

Engage with Ethnos360 in something great — God’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

Strategic Ministry

Thousands of people groups with millions of men, women and children still have no church. Where do you start?

You start at the edge of the church. In those places where God’s people are closest to those who have not heard.

This allows the local church to partner in reaching another people group. Often they’ll be part of the team. Maybe they’ll advise and encourage a team of church planters from the USA and elsewhere. And sometimes, we’ll help the church send in a church planting team.

In some cases, a church planting team will work miles and miles from an existing church. That’s because the edge of the church is not just a geographic term. The edge is also defined by culture, language and accessibility.

And we’re willing to put in the hard work to find that edge because it’s important to know where to start.

Let us help you get off to a great start. Engage with Ethnos360.

It’s harder to get where you’re going if you don’t start at the right place.

Effective Methods

Once you’ve chosen a good starting point, what do you do?

The best answer is to employ proven, effective methods that will help you move toward your goal of establishing a thriving church, with a clear picture of what it will be like when you reach that goal.

Our Thriving Church Model gives people like you multiple points of comparison from four perspectives to evaluate what still needs to be accomplished.

Foundational Bible Teaching moves chronologically from Creation forward to lay a solid foundation for understanding the gospel. That understanding leads to people becoming disciples and later to being vitally involved in a thriving church as a discipler.

Those are just two of the methods and tools that will be at your disposal in Ethnos360.

We’re also constantly evaluating and improving our tools. For instance, we’re introducing a new set of Foundational Bible Study lessons because, while the previous lessons did a great job of presenting the gospel clearly for decades and laying a solid foundation for disciples, we saw that our methods could do a better job of laying a foundation for the church.

Is it important to you to move effectively toward a clear goal? Engage with Ethnos360.

Get involved with a ministry that knows where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Professional Development

Anyone would be frightened at the thought of moving into a place where you don’t know the language and can’t even figure out how to buy a cup of coffee, let alone understand how the people around you view the world. Not to mention the fact that you’re moving in with the goal of establishing a thriving church.

Ethnos360 will provide you with a solid pre-field foundation in everything from Bible to phonemics, linguistics to small engine repair. Once on the field you’ll get acquainted with the national language and local culture. As you minister, regular consultations, seminars and workshops will keep you moving ahead, staying on track toward a thriving church. Yes, we’re talking about extensive, ongoing training.

Do you want to be prepared, equipped and guided to carry out this complex task well? Engage with Ethnos360.

Get well prepared for the difficult task of establishing a church among an unreached people group.

Partners with the Church

Do you want to be a world-changer?

Acts 17:6 tells us that missionaries sent out by the first century church turned the world upside down. God changes the world through His Church. This is why Ethnos360 works in concert with the local church.

Your church can confidently send you out to serve with Ethnos360, knowing you will be well prepared to work strategically and effectively toward a biblical goal —  establishing a thriving church — and knowing they will have opportunities to be integrally involved in your ministry.

You’ll work alongside the local church wherever you go, partnering to reach out to those who have yet to hear the Good News. This kind of partnership also helps the local church thrive.

And as a new thriving church is being established, your role will transition to one of partnership with their leaders and teachers, as they take on their roles in God’s Great Commission.

Do you want to be a world-changer? Engage with Ethnos360.

God gave His Great Commission to the Church, so we must partner with the Church to carry it out.

Worldwide Team

Only on a team can you leverage your gifts, talents and abilities to their greatest effect for God. And God exhorts us to teamwork, pulling together in unity and humility. (1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 2)

So if you’re in a remote location best reached by helicopter, you don’t need to learn to fly and maintain one. You’re part of a team.

Likewise, if you’re an accountant, a computer programmer, a school teacher or someone with any of a number of skills, you can use them as part of the church-planting team that is Ethnos360.

Do you want to use your gifts, talents and abilities for God? Engage with Ethnos360.

The job’s too big to go it alone. Be part of a team.

Engage with Ethnos360


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