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From Our CEO

Dear Friend,

As I read through the articles our team prepared for this issue of Ethnos360 magazine, my heart echoes what the Apostle Paul expressed, “We are bound to thank God always for you …” (2 Thessalonians 1:3).

What a blessing that Christ allows us to be part of what He is doing around the world! He has given you and me and thousands of missionaries and tens of thousands of partners like you the opportunity to make disciples of all nations. He could do it all by Himself — but He commissioned us as His body to be channels of His precious Good News! What a great and awesome and loving God we serve!

I’m grateful for our international partners, some three dozen countries of men and women who are united in purpose and are committed to expand the influence of the gospel where it’s desperately needed. Brought together by His grace, we’re just normal people experiencing Christ’s sufficiency in the challenges and joys of ministry. These last few issues of the magazine express to you the gratitude all of us in Ethnos360 feel to be able to partner with you in fulfilling the Great Commission. As you read in this issue about people who work together to serve God by serving missionaries, it’s my prayer that God will stir your heart in three ways:

  • You will praise and worship God for His creativity and love reflected in the myriad ways He gives us to be part of His work.
  • You will encourage those engaged in these opportunities — pastors and other church leaders, missionaries, friends and neighbors.
  • You will be inspired to seek out new opportunities to be involved in God’s work yourself.

I believe we’re nearing the last days, and my prayer is that Christ will find us deeply involved in what He has asked us to do, whatever that part may be.

Blessed to serve with you,
Larry M. Brown, Ethnos360 CEO

Tags: Ethnos360 Magazine, From our CEO
POSTED ON Jun 10, 2019