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Progress in church planting among unreached people groups

POSTED ON Nov 06, 2012

A single purpose: In the past 10 years NTM has refocused and clarified our role to a single purpose, planting tribal churches. This has given rise to …

A clear model: Within the last five years, our purpose has been strengthened by the completion of NTM’s Maturing  Church Model. This model views the maturing church from four key perspectives: God’s Word for the church, the life of the church, discipleship in the church and the identity of the church. This clear picture of the end goal shows missionaries what they are aiming for. This model has led to …

Better training: NTM’s specialized training for tribal church planting is constantly improving as lessons learned in the field are applied. That improvement has accelerated as principles and practices are made more effective through applying the Maturing Church Model. The model has also …

Improved on-field help: The Maturing Church Model better equips the network of NTM consultants to evaluate the progress of church planting teams with the national believers and give them good direction for improved efficiency and effectiveness. This not the end of the progress, however.

Hope for the future: New Tribes Mission expects the number of churches planted to continue to increase for three reasons:

  • A better model: The Maturing Church Model has recently been updated because of what we have learned through applying it in hundreds of settings around the world. These improvements are already bringing further refinement in our training and increasing help for church planters from our consultants.
  • More missionaries: New Tribes Mission is working to increase the number of potential missionaries, to improve the capacity of its training, and to move to more effective models and methods for sending and partnership development.
  • Improving church partnerships: At home and overseas, New Tribes Mission is working with and as part of local churches. NTM must serve the local church by helping to identify, equip and send out the church’s missionaries. Missionaries must work in the context of the church in the country where they serve. Although these improvements are still in infancy, and there are and will be struggles, there is huge potential for advancement by working in unity for Christ.

Your partnership contributes to these advances, and is vital to pressing on to complete the Great Commission. Thank you for helping transform every tribe for Christ in this generation.