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15 Million Reasons National Training Makes Sense

Why Train National Missionaries?

There are at least 15 million reasons that training national missionaries is good idea.

That's how many men, women and children are in the people group that Jonathan and Ruth work among. They were the first couple from South Asia trained at NTM's Missionary Training Center in Missouri, and now they’re back in South Asia and hard at work.

Relationships Are The Key

"What we are doing now is building relationships with one village rather than jumping from village to village," Jonathan said.

Building relationships takes time but pays off, Jonathan said, and not only in a deeper understanding of the way the people think and of their language. They see the benefits in “people trusting us, people asking us questions like where we are from, why are we here and stuff like that. This, we pray, will build their confidence in us when we actually present the gospel."

When people heard they spoke English fluently, Jon said, "they literally begged us to come teach. So we are using this to become part of the community and to build relationships."

More Need Training

As 2015 came to a close, we gave you opportunities to help four more couples get this training. Your response was fantastic, with funds coming in to train three of those couples.

"The couple that we are in process with now are from Southeast Asia and … are already engaged in ministry but asking for help," said Larry Brown, NTM USA president. On the other hand, "entering into many of the countries where most of the unreached peoples are presents some huge challenges for Westerners."

Would you help with the funds needed to train this fourth couple? A gift of $25 would help with textbooks and supplies, and you'll know you've helped spread the gospel in a dark corner of the world.

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POSTED ON May 22, 2016 by Ian Fallis

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