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A Team Against Termites

Teaming up Against Termites

Teamwork is about being there for your co-worker. For Jonathan and Heidi Bamford, missionaries to the Isnag people of the Philippines, that meant being willing to go up against what Jonathan described as “the fearsome, loathsome termite.”

Protection Against the Unknown

House with Termite Problem in the Philippines

People prayed for Jonathan as he and a team of Isnag men started repairing the termite damage to his co-worker, Vicky Martin’s, house. Jonathan admits that “when I asked for prayer, I was mainly thinking of possibly being crushed by a house or cut by a saw. I didn’t even think of the possibility that when I stuck my hand behind a board to pry it loose I might get bit by a poisonous snake. [Or that] I might cut into a live electrical wire that I didn’t know existed.”

Alive and Well

Termite Damage Repaired

Jonathan is thankful to say he’s alive and well, and he thanks people for their prayers.

Vicky is thankful too. Not just for prayers, but for good teammates like Jonathan and Heidi. Teammates that are there when you need them.

Pray for Vicky as she continues with her regular responsibilities in the midst of reconstruction on her house, as well as for continued safety for those replacing termite-infested house posts.

POSTED ON Dec 11, 2016 by Rosie Cochran

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