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An unexpected visitor

Serving as a missionary teacher in Brazil can hold many surprises, as Karla Olsen learned last week.

Karla wrote, "It all started when we were outside doing some exercises for health class. The wind started to pick up and we (along with most of the school) stood outside watching the clouds and trying to stand up. After a few minutes everyone went back into their classes and tried to get work done as the rain continued to fall."

Soon after, a helicopter flew over very low to the ground. "It went over our classroom and so I let my kids run to the other side of the room to look out the high windows. One of them shouts, 'It's landing on our soccer field!'"

Sure enough, the bad weather forced the helicopter, carrying the governor of their state, to land on the soccer field. "The students all got to shake his hand and we got a school picture with him before he left."

"The next day the elementary kids all went to a town about an hour away to visit a hangar. Two of our families have parents who are missionary pilots. We were able to learn about flying and the need for pilots on the mission field."

Karla has "continued being challenged to learn Portuguese so that I can communicate with those around me. We are also working on the Christmas musical which I am getting excited about, I love helping with things like that."

Please pray for Karla as she learns and teaches, and pray for more teachers and pilots to support planting tribal churches.
POSTED ON Oct 17, 2008 by Jackie Fallis

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