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And the Fruit Comes...

The months of training come to an end. The last class is finished. Information is stuffed into the heads of the missionary candidates as they prepare to head out to the mission field. Was the material useful? What will the candidates take away from the hours of study?

In recent years, NTM has consolidated its training centers into one place: the Missionary Training Center in Missouri. Here are combined the different phases of the training: the basics of first aid, the intricacies of linguistics, the practicalities of solar power, the functionality of the foundational teaching and the necessity of teamwork.

Thanks to your giving and praying, the training center has been able to expand and develop into a more effective training center. Because of you, the candidates are able to leave the center with confidence that they will better be able to serve the Lord and the people because of their preparation.



Sending out missionaries who are trained and ready is one of the foundations of NTM. Since the 1950s, no one has been sent without some training in a variety of areas – language learning, medical basics and rustic living skills to name a few. Until the Missionary Training Center was started, NTM had developed multiple training centers across the country with the specific goal of having well trained and prepared missionaries to send to the countries of the world.

But is the training working? Are all the hours spent in classes and in doing linguistic tongue-twisters worth it? Is it possible to cross the culture and language barriers once you leave your home country and learn new cultures and new languages – and make a difference? After all, that is why NTM has set up its training center.



John and Fawa

I suppose we could ask Fawa, a believer in the Hewa people group of Papua New Guinea. John and Jessi George have been ministering among them for a number of years and have seen new life come to the Hewa. John has watched Fawa as he has matured in Christ. Fawa’s father was a powerful witch doctor who had warned Fawa away from a certain rock that supposedly harbored evil spirits that would come out and try to eat him.

Jessi recalls that, not long ago, John “was on a hike with Fawa and some other believers when Fawa stopped to show them the rock, and told them the strict instructions his father passed down to him. He grinned as he explained the story and then explained to them all how he now knows that his father’s teachings were wrong. That rock is just a rock. Created by God and called good. Ready to cry out its praise to Him if commanded, and there are no malevolent spirits coming out of it to attack him.”

Hey, I’m going to go across the river, and I’m going to stand on top of the rock. You take my picture so that everyone can see that I’m not afraid.”
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And, as if to prove to all who were on the hike as well as to anyone who would hear of this afterward, Fawa said, “Hey, I’m going to go across the river, and I’m going to stand on top of the rock. You take my picture so that everyone can see that I’m not afraid. I want everyone to know that I follow Jesus’ trail and not the old way of thinking.” He proceeded to walk into the water, crossed the river and stood on the rock. A picture was indeed taken as proof of Fawa’s new faith in the God of Creation.



Fawa is just one example of many who have come to know the God of the universe because someone has been trained to go share the Truth cross culturally. Think back to the Ayoré, the Mouk and the Kuna. NTM’s training focuses on getting missionaries as prepared as possible. As the Center has been able to expand in order to absorb all the missionary candidates’ training, the need has arisen to accommodate sports activities, large seminars and workshops, and community gatherings.

The multi-purpose building has been designed to meet all of these needs. When it is completed, it will provide a flexible venue for seminars and workshops hosted by NTM designed to help missionaries plant thriving churches among every people. Community outreach will let the community understand the driving force of NTM in seeing churches planted among unreached people groups in the world.

But it needs to be completed. There are still appliances and other kitchen “furniture” that need to be purchased in order for the entire building to be useable. When this building is finished, it will enhance the training of missionary candidates by providing the facilities that augment the basics of the courses.



It takes a team to see a missionary candidate make it to the foreign field and begin the process of cross-cultural evangelism. Thanks to your prayers and gifts, the training center is getting better and better at preparing the candidates to face the challenges they will meet when they move overseas. Thank you for being a part of the team.

POSTED ON Nov 23, 2016 by Bruce Enemark

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