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Bible lessons go out in three languages

The Yura people's request for more Bible lessons was answered almost before they asked.

The people were asking for new lessons just as missionary Bruce Johnson arrived in Bolivia with newly recorded radio Bible lessons in the Chimane, Trinitario and Yura languages to be broadcast on the radio station. He also provided music tapes for broadcasting.

Chimane believers Adrian, Rosuaro, and Sandario are managing the radio station. Bruce visited them at the station and was encouraged to hear that everything is running well and there are requests for more lessons. The station is currently generator-powered but the men have been told that electricity is coming to the area within a year. This would make broadcasting more efficient and reliable.

Bruce took time to encourage the men of the Chimane church who have taken the radio station as their ministry. He also helped repair motors and train the men in some new areas of broadcasting.

Bruce completed 38 lessons in 2 Corinthians in Chimane and also recorded Bible portions in Trinitario and Yura with the help of believers from those tribes.

"All these physical things are good signs. We are encouraged," wrote Bruce. "We also know faith cometh by hearing God's Word, and that is what this radio station is all about, hearing the Word of God in the language of the listeners. … Time will tell if the listeners accept the truth and change occurs. God is building His church."

Bruce also mentioned that the Holy Spirit is working, because they have heard some testimonies that indicate the listeners are being challenged by the truth of God.

Pray that the Gospel message will penetrate the hearts of those listening to the broadcasts and that believers will grow in their knowledge of Christ and reach out to others.
POSTED ON Oct 03, 2008 by Dena McMaster

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