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Thanking God for her visa, running water and a new co-worker.

Blessings flowing

POSTED ON Feb 21, 2014 by Dena McMaster

Elise Long ministers among the Brooke’s Point Palawanos in the Philippines, and is praising God for making her path smooth as she follows His will.

“Thank you for praying for my visa situation,” wrote Elise. “I found out today that my visa to remain in the Philippines has been renewed. ... Please continue to pray for the other families who are waiting.”

Then blessing piled on blessing for Elise as plans were made to bring water to the village where she lives. Two mission houses in the village get water from a hand pump that is carried in buckets by the young men of the village.

Elise wrote that they plan to install the tank on a stand so that at night, when the generator is running, the tank can be filled using an electric pump and the houses can be supplied by gravity, not bucket power.

Perhaps the best news Elise received as she was counting her blessings was that she will have a new co-worker for the next year. Ingrid Buder is a volunteer from Germany and is looking forward to helping Elise in the village.

Ingrid has many adjustments to make in her new environment. Pray that she will find peace and contentment in her ministry.

Pray for Elise as she continues to minister in to the Brooke’s Point Palawanos.