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Different schools, same needs

Recently missionary Raul Salaverria, serving with the MK Care and Educational team, visited two schools for missionaries’ children in Africa.

Raul traveled to a distant village in Mozambique where two missionary families are learning the tribal language of the people and getting ready to present the Gospel message.

While trying to learn language, the mothers are homeschooling their children as well as making sure everything at the house gets done. While in Mozambique, he also met with Christian businessmen who would like to start a school there for MK’s and African children.

Raul went from Mozambique to Senegal to visit an international school where each child is taught in his mother tongue for a few hours each week along with instruction in English. One of the goals of the school is to help prepare non-English speaking children to return to their passport country after graduation.

"This is truly a blessing to missionary parents as they seek to serve the Lord and at the same time take care
of the education of the children God has entrusted to them," wrote Raul’s wife, Melanie.

He also visited a second school in Senegal. Upon returning home, Raul and Melanie traveled to several areas to speak with teachers concerning the possibility of teaching overseas in mission schools.

"Please pray with us for the teachers needed, Melanie wrote. "Teachers can really help missionaries reach people with the Gospel in remote parts of the world."

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POSTED ON Dec 16, 2009 by Dena McMaster

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