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Lucas was taught from God's Word in his own language, and now he passes that truth onto others.

Equipping leaders

POSTED ON Jun 01, 2014 by Rosie Cochran

New Tribes Mission's goal is church planting. We want to create God-dependent churches—not missionary-dependent ones. We want to "entrust to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also" (2 Tim. 2:2).

Stepping Outside One's Comfort Zone

Getting there is a process. Missionaries enter the tribal setting as learners—not as ones in authority. They must stumble through the inevitable embarrassments involved in learning the culture and language. They must develop meaningful relationships with the people and gain their respect in order to have the right to be heard. Teaching can then begin, leading to a fledgling church, and some who mature into spiritual leaders. This does not happen overnight, but it's worth the wait.

Perspectives Are Changed

John Adams wrote of an update he received about three leaders from the Dinangat tribe: "The great thing about their story is that not only are these men now Bible teachers in their own church, but they are going out as missionaries to two other villages as well. Just this week, they received a request asking them to bring the Good News to a third location. Please pray for these men. It isn’t easy for them. In some ways, they are better suited to reach their own countrymen than we Americans, but they face separation from their families, financial difficulties, culture shock and sickness just as we do."

Ready to Teach

Please pray for NTM missionaries as they seek to equip tribal believers to lead their own people. Pray for them as they persevere through the process to reach the point where they are ready to teach. Pray for them as they mentor believers to maturity. And ultimately, pray for the spiritual leaders that are raised from among the mature believers. Pray that these men will lead the church wisely.

Please pray ...

  • Missionary John Adams asks prayer for Lucas, Basa and Japheth and the other national missionaries who are diligently working to share the gospel here in Papua New Guinea.
  • Pray for missionaries Jeremiah and April Markley as they've moved out of the Dinangat village to allow the indigenous church leaders the space and opportunity to function on their own—while still being close enough to assist them.
  • "It’s encouraging to hear about the Simbari church planning ministry activities even in our absence which is another sign that the church is slowly maturing. We are excited to return to Papua New Guinea and continue with leadership development and Bible translation," write missionary David and Shari Ogg. Pray for them as they return this summer.
  • Equipping leaders is vital for the local church, but also for outreach. Francois and Nadie Hattingh ask prayer for Abar, the first Mwinika missionary, as he as his family head out to reach others.
  • Linda Krieg, missionary for 29 years to the Siawi, wrote, “This month brings me to my final good-byes to my Siawi friends. … Yes, it will be hard, but I know that the same God who led Abraham, Moses, Paul and so many others … will lead and guide His Siawi children as they continue to walk with Him.” Pray for the Siawi church leaders as they guide their flock.