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Hopeless drums, joyful singing

One evening recently missionaries Gene and Carol Trudeau heard the sound of drums beating.

The wild beating went on for hours. Manobo people in the Philippines were calling spirits to come for a sacrifice. They hoped to bring good to the village by sacrificing to the spirits, but it was the sound of hopelessness.

On the other side of the village came the sound of hope and joy; it too went on for hours. Some teenaged believers were holding a meeting with a group of teenagers who came from another village several hours away.

The Manobo Bible teachers were taking turns teaching the group and between times of teaching their singing reverberated through the night as they praised God for what they were learning. The meeting lasted until well after midnight.

"Twenty years ago all we heard was the drum beating," wrote Gene. "We feel very privileged that God has allowed us to be His servants among the Manobo people and we have seen many of them come from beating drums and calling spirits to being saved, growing in their knowledge of God and in godliness, and singing praises to Him."

Pray for Gene and Carol as they continue to serve among the Manobos and shepherd the believers. Pray for the Manobo Bible teachers as they plan an outreach to a village that asked for Bible teaching. Mahan, one of the teachers, will move to that village and teach evangelistic Bible lessons.

Praise God with us for the teenagers who love God and enjoy hearing His Word and singing His praises.
POSTED ON Oct 23, 2008 by Dena McMaster

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