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Even a smaller R44 helicopter proved invaluable during Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.

Matching Funds Available for Philippines Helicopter

There’s nothing like knowing you helped reach 14 people groups of nearly a half-million people. And that just got twice as good.

In the Mindanao region of the Philippines that many people are waiting for missionaries. “Many of these villages are isolated and inaccessible without a helicopter,” wrote NTM Aviation pilot Josh Dalton.

That’s a half-million reasons NTM Aviation wants to bring a Robinson R66 helicopter to the Philippines. And an offer to match up to $15,000 in gifts means your gift can be doubled.

Need more reasons? Josh has them.

  • Fuel for the R66 costs far less. NTM Aviation’s Cessnas and its smaller R44 helicopter burn aviation gasoline, commonly called avgas. “Avgas is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to find,” Josh wrote. “The R66 uses Jet-A which is readily available and nearly half the cost of avgas.”

  • Having a reliable source of fuel makes a big difference in the Philippines, which is spread across an area roughly the size of the continental USA’s seven westernmost states.

  • The R66 has a larger payload. “While our R44 was an extremely effective tool during our relief efforts following Typhoon Haiyan, with an R66 we could have carried far more relief goods,” Josh wrote. A larger payload saves time and money when transporting families, moving supplies and for medical evacuations. It saves lives when people have desperate needs after a disaster.

  • It’s a better fit for the Philippines. The R66 is safer and more reliable for flying in the archipelago’s towering mountains, or crossing the open ocean between its 7,000 islands.

It all adds up to reaching more tribes and transforming more lives.

“Many of the indigenous peoples of Mindanao live at elevations or in locations that severely limit the payload capacity of the R44,” Josh noted. “The R66 has far more reserve power and will have no problem operating at max weight from these challenging locations.”

Also adding up is a matching grant. The Martin & Gracia Burnham Foundation is helping provide for this helicopter by matching, dollar-for-dollar, up to $15,000 in gifts. So anything you give will have twice as much impact.

POSTED ON Sep 01, 2015 by Ian Fallis

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