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Missionaries in Overload

When Life Drains You

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“Life in the village is quite draining. For example, the constant lack of privacy, the never-ending demands from fellow villagers [and] the continuous challenges in language learning,” shared Aaron Speitelsbach. “All that brought [me] to a point where I ... only wanted to get out of there.”

A Perspective Adjustment

So what does a missionary do? It’s obvious that life isn’t going to suddenly change and be less challenging. It comes back to a real need to refocus and embrace God’s perspective and His vision for a lost world — and how that affects day-to-day challenges.

Aaron had no problem recognizing how the challenges were affecting him.  “I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has experienced such difficulties before,” he admitted. He also knew he needed a perspective adjustment.

Back at It

A timely trip to town was beneficial on many levels. Most importantly, it gave the opportunity to look at the challenges they were facing from a different perspective.

The Speitelsbachs are back in the village now. The problems have not disappeared, but they are refreshed and ready to take each struggle to God.

Pray for missionaries on overload to keep a godly perspective and for wisdom when to step back to recharge their batteries.

POSTED ON Feb 12, 2017 by Rosie Cochran


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