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Yembiyembi believers in Papua New Guinea are sharing the Gospel message with their families.

"When I saw my mom believe I thought, 'she's crazy,'" said Kathy, an Inanbimali woman. "But now I realize I was the crazy one who was going to the place of fire when I die. But now I left all of that and believed in Jesus as my sacrifice, the only one I will ever need. That's my story and I believe in Jesus to pay for my sin payment, no one else."

Kathy was in another village when the evangelistic Bible lessons were taught. When she returned home, her mother, Prisca, began to share the lessons with her. Prisca was thrilled to hear Kathy give a clear testimony of her trust in Jesus Christ as her Savior.

Prisca's sons, Joel and Alfred, have not yet trusted Christ, but she said, "They're not dead yet, and they are going to hear about Jesus from me until I go to heaven. Unfortunately for them, they won't be able to get away from me, because I am their mother. Someday they will believe. I keep praying for them."

"The passion we see in these believers is astounding to watch," wrote missionary Tim Shontere, "seeing them reach their own families with the Gospel."

Twenty-one Bagwido believers came to meet with the Yembiyembi believers last month. Missionaries and tribal believers spent two days reviewing evangelistic Bible lessons and ended up teaching from the book of Acts.

"It was amazing to see their eyes light up as each one stood and gave testimony to their faith in Christ," wrote Tim.

The believers shared their testimonies with one another. Zakius, one of the Yembiyembi believers said, "They got the same message, the same words. They are a completely different language group and they still believe the same thing. That is a huge thing."

The believers stood one by one and reviewed the Old Testament lessons. Again, there was huge excitement as each person heard the other group proclaim God's message.

Pray that the Yembiyembi and Bagwido believers will continue to reach out to others with the Gospel.

POSTED ON Oct 20, 2008 by Dena McMaster

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