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'Searching … for the devil's tail'

Missionaries Dave and Lisa Schilling are learning about cultural burdens in Senegal while working on deeper relationships with their neighbors.

Right now is the end of a time of fasting observed by followers of the dominant religion in Senegal. There is heavy social and cultural pressure to greet this end with new outfits for the whole family and a feast. The Schillings wrote, "Clothing your whole family like this could easily take a whole month's salary, and the cultural pressure to do so is intense."

This time of the year also marks the start of the school year, which is another economic hurdle.

The local expression for the cultural expectations to acquire goods without any money in your pocket translates as "searching desperately for the devil's tail." The Schilling's Senegalese neighbors are saying this year is even worse than normal, since Senegal's economy is tied into those of North America and Europe.

Please pray for the Schillings as they learn more about what life in Senegal is like while learning the language as well. Pray also for those struggling under the weight of cultural obligations.
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POSTED ON Oct 16, 2008 by Jackie Fallis

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