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Speeding Translations with Youth Group’s Help

Calhoun County, Alabama, isn’t just the home of New Hopewell Baptist Church. It’s home to a group of pretty special young men and woman who make up the church’s youth group. When NTM missionary Kenneth Welch spoke at the church, he left a strong impression on the minds—and hearts—of the five young people (all kids of Pastor Rodney Ledbetter and his wife, Diane) who have made missions their focus.

“When Kenneth told us about the need to print Bibles in tribal languages, it really got the kids’ attention,” says Stephanie Miller who, with her husband, Chris, shepherds the group. She describes how the youth serves as the custodial staff for the small church to raise money for their wide variety of functions and activities.

“We’ve had Valentines dinners, sold pork roasts—you name it! The kids have sent large donations for Haiti relief, and worked with a ministry in Turkey to help release women from the sex trade. Every year they vote on a project or activity (combined with normal youth activities and fun trips) to send significant donations.”

“People think that five kids in a youth group aren’t enough to help much. But we’ve been blessed with money. We can use that to help.” ~ Stephanie Miller ”
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The youth were challenged by the church to raise $2,000 to help with Bible translations, and New Hopewell Baptist agreed to match and raise the total to $6,000. In June, following a trip to Orlando, the group stopped at NTM Headquarters in Sanford to tour the facility—and to deliver their contribution of $6,000 to help provide new Bible translations.

“Three weeks after our tour, it was still on their minds that 2500 unreached people groups don’t have the Gospel,” observes Stephanie. “What happens to those people? They’re lost! The kids wanted to be sure they were doing their part to help reach them.”

POSTED ON Oct 10, 2012

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