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Tears for Maria

For missionaries in Mozambique, it is heartbreaking to witness the death of their new friends who never believed in Christ as their Savior.

Missionary Nadia Hattingh was best friends with a Mwinka woman, Maria, who died from AIDS. In a last minute attempt to save her life, Maria participated in a forty day fast, hoping she would be spared.

Maria was not spared, but fell suddenly sick three days after the fast.

"The memory of her suffering, almost indescribable and violent, will stay with me forever," Nadia wrote. "In the end, a near madness took hold of her and it was as if she was in a [struggle] against the very forces of darkness … and lost."

After Maria's death, Nadia found herself in conversation with God. Even though she was in pain over the loss of a friend, she found comfort in remembering God's power and sovereignty.

"Even as I cried, a part of me stood in wonder," Nadia wrote. "I knew with an absolute certainty that these tears were also His tears for Maria. Somehow, that was the greatest comfort He could give me. He was grieving with me. He knows and He cares."

Nadia is learning how God reminds those that believe in Him to keep their focus on only Him regardless of who dies and who lives, or who believes in Christ and who does not.

Please pray that God will reveal Himself to the Mwinkas. Nadia also asks for prayer for her neighbor and his oldest son, Rashabo who are both sick.

"They believe it is because of curses caused by envy and jealousy in the community," Nadia wrote. "Maybe it is, but the sad truth is that the many ceremonies with 'good' witchdoctors will not counter the acts or heal them."

Pray that this father and son will come to know the spiritual healing of Jesus Christ.
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POSTED ON Oct 23, 2008 by Christina Johnson

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