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"The Bible … is hitting me right in the heart."

Missionaries David and Sherry Ogg, language and translation expert Carol Kaptain and three Simbari co-workers finished checking the translation of Acts on Monday in Papua New Guinea.

David wrote, "It took about a week of checking to go through all 1,007 verses. The church back in the tribe was praying while we were out having the check done." Only a few minor adjustments are left before the book of Acts can be published and given to the Simbari people.

An unexpected blessing was the reaction of one of the helpers, an unbeliever named Remi. He said, "Oh David, I don't understand the Bible very well in the [Melanesian] Pidgin language, but the Bible in our [Simbari] language is hitting me right in the heart. I can't wait to learn to read so I can read it on my own."

Remi has heard the Gospel a few times, and the other Simbari men working on the translation witness to him constantly.

Please pray for the final adjustments to go smoothly, and for Remi to place his trust in Christ.
POSTED ON Oct 16, 2008 by Jackie Fallis

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