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The Finance Office and World Evangelism?

Missions and Finances

Traveling to a foreign country, learning a new culture and language, finding housing, flights to and from the people group — what do these have in common? Finances! The world still uses money in order to get things accomplished, and it’s no different in missions. That’s where NTM’s finance office in Sanford, Florida, comes in.

The Vision of the Finance Office

Nestled in one wing of the home office, the finance office is a quiet place. But it has a passionate vision, summed up by Mark Fleming, the operations manager of the finance office: “Our vision is to see the least-reached people receiving the gospel. We are a part of that team; we just happen to work from the United States.”

Tim Meisel, NTM’s treasurer, has financial oversight of all of NTM USA’s facilities. He stressed the need to be good stewards of the finances for NTM.

Behind the Scenes

Though in the background, the finance office of NTM is a vital part of the team taking the gospel to the farthest corner of the world. Would you share their vision and consider being a part of the finance team? Pray for all those involved in handling the finances of NTM.

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POSTED ON Nov 20, 2016 by Bruce Enemark

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