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The Team to Reach the Kuna People

Building a Team

The year was 1983. The Joe Goodman family had been out in the tribe for some time already while the Jerry McDaniels family had just arrived in Panama to join a work already in progress. And then there were the Kuna people who had not yet understood who God was nor what He had done for them. It would take the two families working together to present the gospel to the Kunas.

It Takes Grace

Women Missions

Due to home assignments and illness, it wasn’t until 1988 that the two families actually began to work together in the village. Here were two passionate couples, ready and willing to get on with the task of literacy, translation and Bible lesson preparation, two couples with different preferences and different engiftments. But who would do what?

So much depended on developing a team strategy to make sure that the team was heading in the same direction. With the help of consultants and field leadership, the team was able to define where they were going and to identify their goals. And it would take grace and humility to work side by side to finish the work.

Heaven’s Colorful Throng

Women Missions

And they did finish the work. Each of the team members came to realize that one person’s gifts complemented the others’. By God’s grace a balance was achieved that resulted in a thriving church among the Kuna people. From that beginning grew a body of over 60 Kuna churches with their own leadership and missionaries.

Pray for missionaries in different countries as they seek to build teams in order that God’s story of grace can be shared clearly and understandably.

POSTED ON Dec 18, 2016 by Bruce Enemark

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