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Puerto Princesa, the Philippines, in calmer weather.

Typhoon Hits Philippines

“Please pray for us and everyone trapped in this storm,” wrote one NTM missionary family about Typhoon Haima as it made landfall in the Philippines overnight. "We are safe, but this storm is really scary. Neighbors are losing their roofs, trees down everywhere. The wind is intense and unrelenting. Please pray it lets up soon.”

The equivalent of a category 4 hurricane, this is a powerful storm. Though it’s too early to know how extensive the destruction will be, reports like the one above are already coming in. 

“One of our missionary friends in town lost her roof,” they continued. “We're worried about ours too. Please pray it holds.”

Pray for the Philippines and specifically for protection of life and property for our missionaries, the tribal people we work with and others living in the region where the greatest impact is occurring.

NTM has a Disaster Relief Emergency Fund which allows us to respond promptly to such disasters. For remote people groups, the destruction and loss of housing, crops and other essentials leaves them incapable of providing basic needs for their families.

POSTED ON Oct 20, 2016

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