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Village houses nearly complete

The Menya missionary team in Papua New Guinea is ready to go.

For the last several months the missionaries have been building. With the help of work teams from the USA and believers from the Kaulong tribe, the offices and houses in the tribe are nearly complete.

After living in their tiny offices during the house-building process, the missionaries are very glad to move their families into the new houses.

"We enjoyed a special Christmas time with the boys in our cramped little office," wrote missionary Steve Arn. "We loved living there, but we are praising the Lord for the extra space in our new house."

The team will begin full-time culture and language study in the next few weeks. They face a long road of learning nouns, verbs, grammar and most importantly, developing good relationships with the Menya people.

"We have a strong sense of urgency to begin learning the tribal language because the people in our village are dying all around us without the truth of the message we have come to bring them," Steve wrote. "There is a high incidence of tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases including AIDS in our area."

Pray for wisdom for the team as they begin the task of learning the Menya language and culture. Pray also that they can develop good friendships with the Menya people.
POSTED ON Mar 31, 2009 by Brian Johnson

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