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Influential people coming for a visit.

Yanomami believers face opposition

Brais and Ademar, two Yanomami church elders, wrote letters to missionary Mike Hartman asking Christians to pray for them. There are some people coming to their village who are against the spread of the Gospel and against the church that is meeting there.

These visitorsare in charge of the Yanomami association and can have a very negative affect on the Yanomamis in the area. Pray that the believers will all be wise in what they say to these men and will be strong in the Lord and united in their stand.

Opposition to the Gospel has been an ongoing problem in Brazil and Brais has faced it before. However this attack is close to home and involves Yanomamis who are against the Gospel message being spread.

Pray for the doors to continue to be open to the spread of the Gospel and for the believers in that village. Pray that Satan will be defeated and God’s work will prevail as the believers stand in opposition to the men who want to see the church closed.

POSTED ON May 29, 2012 by Dena McMaster

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