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God’s Word has lasting impact when people hear it in their own language, hold it in their hands and read it.
Disaster Relief

Ethnos360 has been instrumental in helping get aid to different places after disasters like super typhoons and earthquakes in the past. Now we need your help again as our aviation branch (Ethnos360 Aviation) has been and will continue flying relief supplies to damaged areas of both countries. Help Ethnos360 continue its relief flights.

Of Mud, Motorcycles and Merriment

Often we fret about our plans being “messed up” and wonder how we’ll “get back on track.” Joel and Andi McMartin travel often in their ministries in West Africa. Andi had quite a harrowing trip to a village in Liberia to do some culture and language consulting. Torrential rains, washed out bridges and thick, gluey mud all led to a change in her plans of getting home on time. Pray for missionaries and the McMartins especially as travel isn’t always as easy as it “should be.” Read Andi’s full account of water and mud.

Of Mud, Motorcycles and Miracles -- The Sequel

Andi McMartin was able to look back at her trip to Liberia and see it through God’s eyes. She said, “The family I visited have been without their teammates for a few months now, so they have been quite isolated in their village. They came out for our conference, but ended up sick the whole time. They are studying one of the most difficult languages we work with, and they are managing this while caring for their four young kids. It is a heavy weight they are carrying, and I know at times it is hard to press on.” Andi recognized the importance of her visit and even the extra days she spent there. Pray for Andi as she lifts up this family. Her post shows her heart and the wonder of God’s grace. Read her blog.

Literacy, Chatting and Standing for Truth

As Katie Moore continues with literacy classes among the Nahuatl ladies in Mexico, she has been challenged by the chatter (“It is extremely fast-paced, with several commentaries going at the same time,” Katie mentioned). But when the conversation turned to the changing culture of the youth, Andrea, a new believer spoke up. She said, “Actually, there is a new teaching here now. A teaching that is not what the [ancestors] said, because they didn’t know. They didn’t know the truth, but now it is being taught here…about God and what He says is right.” Pray for Katie with her class and for courage for Andrea. Read the whole story.

Of Signatures and Fingerprints

Jordan and Amy Husband are part of the team to reach the Nahuatl people group on Mexico. Paperwork has been a hurdle for them in getting their residency visas. As they were doing unrelated paperwork, they were asked, “Will you be doing signatures and fingerprints today?” That meant that, even though they hadn’t been informed, their visas were approved. Jordan said, “With that visit to Immigration, the odyssey of our visa applications has finally come to a close … with a little of God’s wonderful humor thrown in to brighten up the revelation of its conclusion!” Pray for the Jordans as they continue their ministry in Mexico. Read the ending to the saga.

Jim and Rachel have been waiting for the Lord to open the doors to move into a new location in the Asia-Pacific Region. That time is getting closer.
The Morop Learning to Read

The team ministering among the Morop of Asia-Pacific are hard at work learning the culture and language. They will soon begin house building in order to move in among the people group. The team planned to have the first-ever Morop literacy class beginning the end of September. There was a maximum of 15 people to be enrolled. Though the younger generation are beginning to learn to read and write the national language, many of the adults are not literate. As the team said, “Having literate believers is key to people embracing and reading the Morop Bible in the future.” One member of the team will do the teaching – five times per week for an hour a day for six months. Pray for the Morop team as they labor to see the Morop become literate. Read more about literacy.

Praising God for Unity

The end of August, the Ayoré believers from Bolivia and Paraguay met together in a bi-national conference. Tim and Betty Wyma ministered for many years with the Ayoré in Bolivia. Both of the Wymas were blessed to be at the conference. Tim said, “The focus right from the opening celebration was thanksgiving to God that His plan included the Ayoré people being recipients of His saving message of love and grace. … Another theme was celebrating the unity and oneness of all of us gathered together.” Praise the Lord with us for the unity and desire to grow that the Ayoré showed at this conference. Read Tim’s full account.

Working with Ones and Zeros

Byron and Laura Reed have recently joined the staff at the Mission Training Center in Missouri. Byron will be working with the information and technology team (IT), lending his skills to see missionary candidates trained and ready to go to their ministries. Laura will be working with the leadership in an administrative role. Pray for them as they adjust to new life away from family and old friends. Check out your opportunities to serve.

Pictures for Readers

David Burson works with the International Ministries Office here in Sanford, Florida. He said, “I am currently working mostly on software to aid in selecting illustrations for literacy primers. Since most literacy lessons involve pictures, this will save a lot of time for missionaries as they develop literacy curricula for the respective languages they work in. The release should be before the second week of October. When I release it, the first step will be for those who will manage the database of images to actually add the images and tag them appropriately. Then, at some future date, the software will be released for general use.

Please pray it will be a successful release.” Read about the importance of literacy.

I Will Make You Fishers of Men

Darryl and Becky Jordan have ministered at the guest house on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. There is a man named Tinoy in the village who is a fisherman by trade. As the Jordans walked through the village, they saw Tinoy making four huge nets, making the image of fishers of men so clear. They asked, “Please pray for us as we seek to be friends with Tinoy and his family so that they can come to Jesus and ‘cast’ all their care on Him, knowing that He cares for them.” Meet Tinoy in this link.

“As we got out of the helicopter, the Wantakian people were everywhere just waiting to see us and shake our hands.”
The Blessings of a Helicopter

Jeff and Jackie Schaa minister at the Ethnos360 Aviation main office in McNeal, Arizona. There is something very encouraging in hearing reports of how the aircraft that Jeff works on are being used overseas. Pray for the Schaas as they minister to pilots and their families before, during and after their training. There is a video showing a helicopter being used to help a church doing outreach in the Philippines. Watch it here.

How Do You Host?

Jacob and Melissa Honebein minister in Senegal as host/hostess for the field. What a necessary ministry they have! Cooking, feeding, getting people to the markets, listening and giving advice — these are a small picture of what they do for the other missionaries. As they said, “We hope our serving will make a difference in this vast mission field as we are an encouragement to those serving.” Pray for the Honebeins as they reach out to their teammates. Read how they host.

A Short, Nubby Pencil

Benjamin and Missy Hatton are ministering among the Amdu people of Papua New Guinea. They said, “In our Amdu literacy classes, we make a big deal about short, nubby pencils. They represent hard work and determination. A nubby pencil earns a student a brand-new replacement pencil so that they can keep plowing ahead and making progress. Literacy progress and success is measurable and therefore gives us direction. The same principle is true in making disciples. Just like with the Amdu Literacy Program, we know exactly where we are going with discipleship, and we know what it needs to look like when we get there.” Pray for the Hattons as they continue with both the literacy and the discipling. Read about their progress.

Scrumptious Scripture

“As the idiom goes here, ‘Their stomachs are not small.’ Translation — They have a large appetite.  Now, that does certainly include greasy pork, delicately smoked rat and the white man's’ noodles and rice. However, it also includes their hunger for Scripture. From the early days and our first printed Scripture portions, the local body of believers jumped at every opportunity to get their hands on God’s Word and fill their stomachs. … Fast forward a few years to today, and it seems as though the believers’ hunger has not waned a bit. On top of that, the number of mouths to feed and stomachs to fill is increasing. The number of people hearing God’s Word and placing their faith in His Son is growing.” (Chris and Maggie Hostetter – Pal people group, Papua New Guinea) Pray for the Hostetters as they continue getting more Scripture translated for the Pal people. See how you can help.

Electrician, Plumber, Jack-of-All-Trades

Steven Olsen has been at the Missionary Training Center in Missouri for just about a month now. He went through the Pre-Field Orientation in Sanford, Florida, this summer, getting ready to take on the ministry that God has led him to. He said, “I will primarily be helping with electrical maintenance. This will include troubleshooting, renovation, upgrades, new construction and miscellaneous electrical repairs. I don't doubt that I'll be pulled over to assist with any plumbing, carpentry, or landscaping jobs as needed.” Pray for Steven as he uses his skills to bless those at the MTC. See how your skills can be used.