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“Is everything sad going to come untrue?”
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Ongoing Teaching

Richard and Carmen Gappmayr minister in the Philippines. “Our ministry here continues to be multifaceted between coaching different missionaries in their growing participation in the Philippines and teaching at a small Bible school that prepares young men and women for ministry. A lot of [the students] come from very religious backgrounds, and some of that thinking is still evident in how they view the grace of God and other key doctrines. It has been a challenge, and we hope that we have been able to instill truth in them and challenge them to keep pursuing truth. … Pray for the people at the Bible school that they might be eager for truth, even if it means [laying] aside some of their old beliefs and practices.”

Books and Bible Lessons

Mike and Sandy Lynch minister to the Phu Thai people of Thailand. They wrote, “Mike was able to finish writing the Phu Thai Bible lessons that are geared toward the new believer. He also finished editing the audio version of the Phu Thai Bible lessons that are geared toward those who do not know anything about God, and [he] uploaded them to YouTube and Facebook.” Please be praying that the Lord would guide Phu Thai people to listen and that they would respond to these truths.

What is your role in missions?

Randy and Diana Smyth minister as representatives to inform, inspire and invite people to act in faith to complete the Great Commission. Our objective: Establish thriving churches. Our method: By teams living among them, learning the heart language, understanding the culture, translating the Scriptures, teaching foundationally and [intentionally discipling] — equipping the unreached people groups to join us, by faith in Christ, in establishing thriving churches where Christ is not known. Our role: Asking Christians to get involved: to pray, to give, to send and to go. Watch their video.

Helicopter to Speed Missions in Brazil

Dwight and Diana Brown minister in McNeal, Arizona, at Ethnos360 Aviation International headquarters. “An R66 helicopter is right now being ferried to Brazil!! It will be our ‘new to us’ helicopter that will begin to serve over 10 locations out in the Amazon jungle. It truly is a miracle! Once again God used His people to fund this big project. How grateful we are that many missionaries won’t have to carry their supplies on their backs anymore. How grateful we are that little children won’t have to spend the night on the trail. The helicopter will be a huge asset in making these ministries more sustainable. Thank God with us, will you?

Bible Teaching

Matthew and Debi Zook minister to the Lolo people of Mozambique. “Everywhere we go, we teach that God is God of all and [that] Christ is the great Savior. Regarding the first point, the majority of church-going people [believe] God to be the ruler of some things (good things) and Satan is the god of bad things. The natural consequence is that people trust in God in some circumstance and the things of Satan in other circumstances. Regarding Christ as the great Savior, the majority of church-going people understand themselves to be their own saviors. Pray that people will see the truth that God is God of all and [that] Christ is the great Savior.”

December 01, 2019

Wana Bible Conference

The thriving Wana church hosted a Bible conference!
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More Baptisms

Jason and Nisae Williamson minister among the Iski people of Papua New Guinea. “We have recently been able to help facilitate more baptisms ... Here we had 23 people declare their desire to follow Christ. And 17 people in [the other village]. It was exciting to see more people publicly make statements of their desire to follow Christ. While we had many people baptized, we also had to turn many people away because of their misunderstanding of baptism. Even after many months of corrective teaching, many people still believe baptism is a meritorious work. Some think that through this act they will receive the Holy Spirit or [that] they will be ‘marked’ by God to do His work. Pray for those believers who are still struggling with this old way of thinking.”

Tepehuan New Testament Dedication

Caleb and Emily Arnold are en route to Mexico. “I (Caleb) have the opportunity to go down to Mexico at the end of November to celebrate the dedication of the Tepehuan New Testament! Kevin Case has spent 30 years faithfully translating God’s Word into the language of the Tepehuan people so that they can pick up a Bible and get to know the heart of God in their own language for the first time in history. In our culture where we have over 400 Bible translations in English, it is hard to imagine not having a Bible at all, but that is the situation for over 2,000 people groups around the world. The Tepehuan people now have a New Testament.” Pray for the Tepehuan people. Read more.

Few Help Lead the Church

Katie Moore is part of the Nahuatl team but was ministering among the Guarijío people of Mexico. “I met up with the Guarijío missionary team this [October] to prepare a set of primers so that more people from their village might be able to take a reading class that will enable them to feed themselves from the Word. Vicente, a young Guarijío man who was saved years ago, … is now the ‘go-to’ guy for the church in his village ... He spoke to me candidly about his frustration with the lack of involvement on the part of the other believers. When he is away from home, the church even stops meeting together until he returns. Without the ability to read the Word, the people there feel unable to continue to grow. Pray for the young people about to take a literacy class in their own language, that they would be moved by the Spirit to read the Scriptures that exist in their own language.” Read more.


Jim Tanner ministers in Papua New Guinea. “Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday in this country, but we have plenty to be thankful for. Margaret is a local Bible teacher (small groups), and on Saturday, six of her students gave clear testimonies of their salvation through Christ alone. They are very thankful. Pray for their growth and wisdom for Margaret. People say, ‘Once you hear the way of salvation, it’s hard to keep your mouth shut!’ Imagine if Christians all over the world had that zeal.”


Dan and Judy Burke minister among the Chimane people in Bolivia. “The Class 4 discipleship course was encouraging! Dan had thirteen men in his class. This is our newest class, so the men don’t yet know each other well. Dan says they were pretty quiet and attentive. What stood out to me was how well our elders are doing at teaching some of the sessions. The first time when he asked them to participate by teaching with him about two years ago, it didn’t go so well. They taught super slowly and were sidetracked. … Now they all are doing a fantastic job of teaching. They seem totally comfortable and teach at a good clip, keeping things moving along and focused. Definite improvement!” Pray for continued progress in the discipleship teacher training.

November 24, 2019

Finished Well

“So, trust in Jesus and I will see you soon.”
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Future in Dem Land

Logan and Kendra Teall minister to the Dem people of Asia Pacific. They said, “We will continue teaching more literacy classes in the coming months, hoping to prepare … our Dem friends to be able to read God’s Word in their heart language. The Scripture translation is already under way. … Our goal is to start the [foundational Bible] teaching in the summer of 2020. Please pray for our team as we work on translation of the Scriptures as well as translating the lessons that will be taught during our phase one teaching.”

Lesson 70

Jon and Janet Mitchell minister among the Lavongai people of Papua New Guinea. About lesson 70 of the chronological Bible teaching, they wrote, “Over four days… we revealed to the people in the teaching of death, burial and resurrection how they can be free of eternal punishment and accept eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. … From what we can see and [from what] those that we have had a chance to talk to [have said, about 50 of them] have acknowledged that they are sinners and accepted Jesus as their Savior. … Please celebrate with us of the victory in Jesus Christ and please join us in praising God for the new lives amongst the Lavongai people here in PNG.” Watch the video.

Teaching the Triqui

Tom and Beth Carlton minister in Mexico as part of the field leadership team. “Eduardo, [a Mexican Bible teacher], taught in the Triqui language on the six days of Creation in week five of the foundational Bible teaching. [He] believes that people are tracking with the teaching and are interested in what God’s Word has to say to them. ... One of the Triqui ladies said after the lesson that she’s heard this before, but now that she’s hearing it in her own language, ‘The Word has flavor.’ Praise God [that] these Triqui are hearing the Good News about the Savior in the language that makes their hearts listen! Pray … that God will bring more people with an interest to hear and that those hearing would understand and believe what they are being taught.” Read the story from Ethnos360 magazine.

A Wonderful Gathering

Gene and Carol Trudeau minister among the Manubu’ people of the Philippines. “Every month or two the Manubu’ Bible teachers from the various Manubu’ churches [host a gathering at one of the churches. This time,] there was a three-day gathering [and] over 500 people attended. About one-fourth of them were not believers. … They took part in feasting on the seven 110 lb. sacks of rice and three pigs that were cooked. But they were also fed the Word of God as they were taught the first two lessons of the evangelistic chronological teaching program. Please pray that these unsaved people will continue to listen to the evangelistic lessons in their home villages, be saved and go on with the Lord.” Read more.

Lesson Evaluation Update

Bart and Emily Allen and Benjamin and Missy Hatton minister among the Amdu people of Papua New Guinea. They recently had a Bible lesson evaluation in preparation for the upcoming chronological Bible teaching. The Allens wrote, “One of the main things our consultants shared was that our lessons need to be much more concise and clearer. That means that we are going … to rework the Bible lessons that were already ‘done,’ and we have been revising the plans for all the rest of the lessons. … We will not be ready to begin the chronological Bible teaching before the end of this year like we had hoped! ... We are thankful that the Lord answered our prayers and gave our consultants wisdom to know how to help us. ... Thank you for praying.” Learn more about the work of consultants.