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Friday, Jan 17:
Back to Normal

Liv Poulsen ministers among the Badiyaranké people of West Africa. “Last time I wrote, I was at our guest home working on drafts of different epistles. The month of November was a bit different than I had expected, since at the beginning of the month I got malaria for the first time. It took me quite some time to get back to normal. I am grateful that I was in Kédougou and not alone in the village when it happened. The couple managing the guest home there took very [good] care of me. They surely are a blessing. I came back to the village at the end of November and have since been going through rough drafts of different epistles with my language helper. We have also prepared for the translation check that will be from the tenth until the eighteenth of January. Please pray for us during this time, for health and stamina for all of us. The consultant is coming from the [USA] and has a tight schedule while he is here and will travel on to Guinea afterwards to work with another translator. We will be going through 1 and 2 Thessalonians and Revelation that I have translated and then 13 chapters of Joshua that the young believer here from the village has translated. This will be his first check.” Pray for Liv and the Badiyaranké people and for the upcoming translation check.

Joy Instead of Grief
Thursday, Jan 16:
Joy Instead of Grief

Jim and Kathy Tanner minister among the Elimbari people of Papua New Guinea. “When some people die, it is hard to grieve for them. Papa Ouba is one of those. About two years ago, his son, Charles, went to leaders of the Elimbari Church, to ask them to do an outreach at Papa Ouba’s village. The initial reception was cold, and many dropped off after the lessons started. Papa Ouba was not one of those, and he and about five others were gloriously saved. The change in his life had quite an impact on other clan members who also wanted to hear the truth that changed him. Now there are about 14 people who became the members of the new local church. Papa Ouba left his sick body and is now with the Lord. That makes us rejoice. Christ came to save people, and He has allowed us to be a small part of His work in this nation of Papua New Guinea. We pray that this small article will make you rejoice!” Pray that the Elimbari church will continue to grow.

Cardboard Boxes
Wednesday, Jan 15:
Cardboard Boxes

Tim and Betty Wyma now minister at the US Home Office in the Field Ministries Office and have ministered among the Ayoré of Bolivia since 1971. “This might just look like a pile of cardboard boxes but guess what. These boxes contain 4000 just-printed copies of the Ayoré Bible (half of the Old Testament and [the entire] New Testament) which have just safely arrived … in Bolivia from the printers. These cardboard boxes contain light for thousands of Ayoré people, they contain a powerful life transforming message, they contain wisdom for those seeking answers, comfort for grieving souls, nourishment for hungry hearts and eternal promises for all who believe. Just plain old cardboard boxes but . . . filled with an eternal treasure beyond imagination. Do we sound excited? Yes, beyond words, and you have had a vital part in this amazing pile of cardboard boxes.”

Tuesday, Jan 14:
Education for the Hewa Children

Jonathan and Susan Kopf minister with the Hewa people of Papua New Guinea. “As we are planning our phased departure from the Hewa village starting next May, one of the things that has been heavy on our hearts is the need for continued Christian education for the [Hewa] children. The village leaders and church leaders have continually asked us to help them locate good Christian teachers who can start a small Christian school. We see this as a legitimate need for the children, but have not known how to address the problem, mostly because of the expense of hiring qualified teachers who would be willing to live in this very remote location. Now, in fellowship with our mission leadership, we would like to ask you to pray with us about this need, to ask the Lord to raise up a group of people who would be willing to sponsor a couple of PNG citizen Christian teachers, if that is His perfect will. Please feel free to contact us to ask for more information about this idea.”

Monday, Jan 13:
The Character of God’s Word

Benjamin and Missy Hatton minister to the Amdu people in Papua New Guinea. “Benjamin shared [to the Amdu people] how thankful he was that his parents taught him using the Bible in his own language, that he does the same with his kids, and now we want to do the same with the Amdu people. Many people responded to these messages with eagerness to hear more. One close friend was torn up about Benjamin’s testimony of his faithful parents. He said, ‘My parents were clueless, and they taught me wrong. I want God’s light like you have it!’ This man’s son has been talking about leaving the village for good to go find a job. Benjamin challenged the man to try to convince his son to stay and attend our Bible teaching. It would be like teaching his son what is right. He thought that was a good idea and said that he keeps thinking about what we said as he goes to sleep at night. Pray for us as we attempt to make use of every opportunity to keep the need for God’s word in the forefront of the Amdu people’s minds.” Read more.

The Lord has come!
Sunday, Jan 12:
The Lord has come!

Dave and Fran Jordan minister among the Prai people of Thailand as translation consultant and teacher. “We [helped] with a Prai Culture Fair in the village December 25-27. The only written materials in Prai are those used by the Christians. Some are interested in preserving the language and customs and value the written material for this reason. Pray for opportunities to share and to spark interest in the Christian faith. December 29-31 Prai Christians from various villages [gathered] for their annual conference. There [was] worship, prayer, teaching (mainly on parenting), fellowship and fun. Some of the young ladies have worked hard on providing a children's program. Please pray that God will be magnified and [that] lives [will be] changed through this time together. We look forward to the Lord continuing to mature the Prai church in the coming year.”

Saturday, Jan 11:
Five Funerals in Two Weeks

One missionary in Thailand reports, “In the past two weeks there have been four funerals in the village and one in [the nearby village].” Only one of these five people made a profession of faith in Christ. The village he serves in “is still quite resistant to the Good News, although there has been a lot of witness and opportunity. Prayers are appreciated!”

Upcoming Trip to Papua New Guinea
Friday, Jan 10:
Upcoming Trip to Papua New Guinea

David Pierce serves at Ethnos360’s home office in Florida. “God continues to build His Church around the world. Praise Him! Come this spring, I’ll be traveling back to Papua New Guinea to see His work firsthand and to gather stories, photos and video for Ethnos360’s magazine, social media and prayer emails. There are a lot of logistics still to work out, particularly because the helicopter is involved. Pray that we could get these details worked out soon and that God’s name would be lifted up through the results from my trip.”

Simbari Man’s Testimony
Thursday, Jan 09:
Simbari Man’s Testimony

David and Shari Ogg minister among the Simbari people of Papua New Guinea. “We are including a link to a video of a Simbari man’s testimony that we have been showing. In the video Raymond talks about how God made a way for him to be able to hear the gospel and how he is now helping with the translation work. Please pray for wisdom as David works on pre-check questions and comments about the translation that the consultant sent him. After the final check we will spend some time out in the tribe with the Simbari church, and while out there we will work through some final revisions to the translation.” Watch the video.

A Retiring Missionary
Wednesday, Jan 08:
A Retiring Missionary

You might not recognize Connie if you saw her. But perhaps you would recognize her voice if you’ve ever phoned Ethnos360. As the front desk receptionist at Ethnos360’s home office, she and her able team direct phone calls and emails to the appropriate people, maintain schedules and events, interact with visitors, and, in many ways, serve as the face (or at least the voice) of Ethnos360. She and her husband, Harold, have served at the home office for 20 years. And before that they served in Brazil for 27 years. There are many different roles on the church planting team. Pray that God would provide more laborers. Are you open to God using you? Explore options.

Kaje Believers!
Tuesday, Jan 07:
Kaje Believers!

Aaron and Stacy Jex serve many missionary teams in Papua New Guinea, including the Kaje team. “Check one more …off the list of Unreached People Groups! After years of hard work, the gospel has reached Kaje! From Abby Goheen, missionary to Kaje: ‘Praise the Lord! We have new brothers and sisters in the Lord! “Jesus died for my sins. He didn’t have any sin, but He died for me. … Before I thought Jesus just died for no reason. Now I know He died so He could remove my sins.” – Maria. “Jesus died for me. He died because of my sin.” – Ellen. We have heard more and more professions of faith as time goes on. There are just no words to describe the welling joy within me in seeing our Kaje friends’ faces light up with joy and hope. God is so incredibly loving! He loves mankind and wants to be with us. He has moved mountains to bring His love to the Kaje people!’ ” Read more.

What the Future May Hold
Monday, Jan 06:
What the Future May Hold

Josh and Mel Simmons minister in Papua New Guinea, serving in technical areas. “Just thought I’d give a little re-cap of what the past few months have been like here in PNG. As many of you know, we have been heavily involved in getting three houses built in the Kovol people group for a new church planting team of three families. Currently two houses are finished, and the third is nearly under roof and should be finished within the month. Pray, pray, pray for …the families moving into this people group, that they would quickly learn the culture and language so they can begin teaching and translating. Read more.

Sunday, Jan 05:
Curriculum Development in the Loron Language

Paul and Marina Briggs minister among the Loron people of Ivory Coast, engaged primarily in Bible teaching, Bible translation, literacy and discipleship. “For the past three years, a team of missionaries has traveled from Senegal to Ivory Coast to give week-long intensive Bible and missionary training to groups of Loron Bible teachers. These teaching and discussion sessions have been very helpful to the teachers in their ministry among the Loron people as they reach out to other people groups in the region. Please pray for the Loron Bible teachers as they minister in over twenty small churches, spread over an area of approximately 2,000 square miles. Read more.

Friday, Jan 03:
The Shepherd and Her Sheep

One of our Ethnos360 workers ministers as a translation and language consultant in Bolivia. “We wanted to share [an] … item of good news. The other day [the] phone ‘dinged,’ and he got a picture of a young Quechua woman sitting beside her sheep on the top of the mountain. He was a little confused until he looked closer and saw that she had one of our Bible course books on her lap. Santiago, our ex-coworker, sent the picture after she called him to ask for help in answering one of her homework questions. He continues trying to establish the courses among the hundreds of Quechua churches scattered throughout the mountains. Thank you all for standing with us. Please pray that the Lord will prosper him in this ministry.”

Thursday, Jan 02:
Lauje Literacy Advancing

Michael and Amy Hutteman minister in the Asia-Pacific region doing church development among the Lauje people. “We shared in our last update that we were separated for three weeks during September and October. Amy and the boys set up shop (and school) while I traveled. One big project that Amy took on during her time apart was to finalize and print the remainder of literacy material and Lauje language [primers] in preparation for our first class. A literacy consultant from another island will be coming to help launch this new reading and writing program. This first class will mark the culmination of more than one year of hard work and preparation.” Pray for the training for literacy teachers.

Wednesday, Jan 01:
Growing Glimmers of Light

Chad and Janeene Mankins minister among the Tobo people of Papua New Guinea. “We know that God has been at work for some time now among the Tobo; it is wonderfully refreshing for us to see some glimmers of interest among people. Here are a couple of glimmers [and] highlights to share with you [from our] most recent time in Stone village. [There has been] unprecedented interest in the translation work we are doing and an excitement among some key people to hear the Word of God in the Tobo's mother tongue in general! Generally, there have been two or three believing ladies helping us out with checking the Scripture for comprehension. This time around, we saw more men added to the group. Several of them began to help us out by answering questions and repeating back what they were hearing to verify its accuracy and ensure that the message was communicated clearly and naturally. These men … were quite impressed and blown away by the richness and depth of what the Gospel of John was saying in their language! [Also, there is] evidence of growth and maturity among the believers and an increased confidence and ownership of the believers in both present and future ministry.” Pray for these glimmers of light.

Tuesday, Dec 31:
Time Does Fly

Dave and Fran Jordan minister in Northern Thailand among the Prai people. “We returned from two weeks of very special family time in Northern Ireland. On our return the missionary who was doing the typesetting for the Prai Bible translation was hard at work. There was a flurry of communications as decisions were made and read throughs and checking done on what was sent back to us. I don't know if we realized how many ‘final’ checks are needed before all is actually done. Last week Dave met with the man coordinating the printing, and he will be sending the files to the printer. If all goes well, by the end of the year, the Bibles should be here. A dedication celebration is planned for March 1, 2020. Praise for God's provision for all that was needed to see the Prai Bible sent in for printing. Pray for the Prai leaders who can teach and shepherd the believers and equip them for outreach.”

Monday, Dec 30:
Wantakia Literacy Update

Brian and Arlita Burnham minister with Ethnos360 Aviation in Papua New Guinea. “In Wantakia, the missionaries have started a second literacy class with nine students, only this time, five Wantakians are teachers-in-training, teaching parts of it themselves. ‘Yedaasi got up at the beginning and bawled his eyes out, saying how this is to help them read God’s Word in their language. The whole class started crying. We are thrilled and praising the Lord!’ writes missionary Jill Sanders. Please continue to pray for the Wantakia, the Pei and the Amdu as they get closer to the day when they, too, will hear God’s Word taught in their own language.”

Friday, Dec 27:
Bible Lessons and More in Guarayo

Emilio and Marlen Ychu minister to translate, disciple and plant a church among the Guarayo people of Bolivia. “On Sunday morning we had our Bible study at Hermenegildo’s home. Ambrocio and his family … came for the first time. I’ve been visiting and sharing the Word of God in his language. He speaks a little Spanish, but his wife does not. With her we only communicate in Guarayo. That day he asked to speak and said it was the first time he attended a Bible study where other relatives go, and he was happy to hear praises to God in his language. I’m nearing the end of the Bible lessons I’m writing in Guarayo. The teacher who has been helping me in the correction of words, phrases [and] sentences has told me that it is helping him to understand the message of the Bible. Our prayer is that this teacher will understand and believe the gospel message. Thank you also for your prayers for this work we are doing in translating fundamental teachings of the Word of God. If God allows, we will have the latest edition of the Guarayo hymnal finished this year. … Please continue to pray for the salvation of Ambrocio and Ezequiel and their families. They’re very afraid of being rejected by their relatives.”

Thursday, Dec 26:
Teaching from Creation Through Noah

Jason and Nisae Williamson minister among the Iski people of Papua New Guinea. “The Iski people in our outreach location are hearing for the first time the story from creation to Christ. As Msanga (one of our Bible teachers) was recapping the lesson he had just finished, he reminded everyone that, just like Adam sinned and his relationship with God was cut off, in the same way we … also come from this one ancestor, Adam. We are born into his clan, separated eternally from our creator. As Enchangra heard this for the first time he raised his hand and asked, ‘Teacher, now I’m hearing this for the first time! Tell me, what can I do to be restored and close to God again?’ After which I (Jason) stood up and told him, ‘That’s why we are here, so you can clearly, in your own language, understand the road to be made right with God again. The promise God gave Adam about the snake crusher — continue to believe in Him, and you will hear more about Him in the coming weeks.’ Pray for the teachers, that their speech will be seasoned with salt and they will be ready to give answers to those who ask.”

Wednesday, Dec 25:
Language Consultation

Kent and Jenny Schafer minister among the Maindo people in Mozambique. “(We) are at the level of fluency in the Maindo language (level 9) that we need to no longer do ‘official’ language learning! Of course, we still have a lot to learn and will never stop learning the Maindo language as long as we are here in the village, but this means that (we) can continue learning as we finish up the Maindo literacy materials, start translating the Bible into Maindo and start developing Bible lessons in Maindo. Our language consultant's time with us started out with Samuel (our son) getting acute bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye). My language evaluation went pretty well, and Samuel's pink eye got better. But then Kent's language evaluation was like the evaluation where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, including Samuel having a febrile seizure from malaria. Praise God for healing Samuel and giving Kent the strength to finish his evaluation! Pray that we can get rest as we prepare to start Bible translation and Bible lesson development.”

Tuesday, Dec 24:
Papua New Guinea Church Conference

Ned and Linn Beall minister to the Tigak people of Papua New Guinea, currently translating the Scripture into their language. “Thank you for praying for the NIP (New Ireland Province) Church Conference! There were about 150 men, women and children from five other language groups who came to our island. In spite of almost constant rain, it was a success. The plus side to rain was cooler temperatures! It is such an encouragement to each of these churches to meet other believers and fellowship and sing and worship together. It is challenging getting enough food and finances together to make this conference happen each year. We are proud of the church and believers for working hard to make it happen. Another praise from the last update is we found a translation consultant who can check Ned’s remaining Old Testament portions in March! It is going to require a lot of flights and coordination, but we are thankful for this answered prayer! Continue to pray that we can get Ned’s flights and translation check schedule worked out. Read more.

Monday, Dec 23:
Equipping Believers to Reach Their Jerusalem

Ron and Heather Yearwood minister among the Tanda people of Guinea. Recently we helped seven [believers] get to a Bible seminar in Senegal. This seminar was put on by our mission, Ethnos360, attempting to properly equip believers in all our works. They appreciated it very much. One reported that it was indeed marvelous, and another became even more fired up in taking the gospel to his home village, their own Jerusalem. We desire to equip them in this area. They are fired up and ready to go. Please pray that we can efficiently equip the local believers in reaching their Jerusalem.”