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Dear Reader,

We hope you are doing well and are safe during this time.

Please note that some of these updates were written before COVID-19 advisories and restrictions were put into place regarding meeting in groups. Ethnos360 missionaries around the world are following those advisories in order to stop the spread of the virus.

The Editor

Thursday, Apr 09:
Want to Hear Us Speak Tok Pisin?
Michael and Morgan LeBlanc are studying culture and language in Papua New Guinea. “Orientation is a four-month program in PNG. We just had our first language evaluations. Michael hit level 6 of 9 and Morgan hit level 4 of 9. Our primary goal is to learn the national culture and language (pidgin) while also learning from experienced missionaries. Pray for several large decisions coming up regarding our future ministry. We should have more clarity in the next month.”
Wednesday, Apr 08:
Get away, you frog
Joanna Jansma ministers among the Nagi people of Asia pacific. “Like my friend, maybe you have a testimony of the Lord saving you from a frightening frog. A Nagi friend shared the other day how ‘last night it was dark, and there was a frog under my house. Before when I heard that frog, I would have been scared about an evil spirt. But I thought about how that’s no longer true and talked to God and was able to go to sleep. I wasn’t afraid of that frog!’ … As she shared, I was reminded we each have our ‘frogs’ — but there is only One who can truly calm our fears.” Read more.
Tuesday, Apr 07:
Discourse Analysis
Elijah and Moira Hall minister among the Mbya people of Paraguay. “Last November, our team participated in a ten-day workshop to prepare us for an intensive analysis of the Mbya language. This is required by the mission to help ensure that the way we put together larger chunks of language – say, a Bible lesson – is in a way that can be naturally understood by the people. For example, in a “good” teaching in our context, the introduction should include a synopsis of the subject matter that will be talked about. But in some other languages, the synopsis should only be said at the end of the discourse as it’s a signal that it’s ending. Every language has ways to signal what is being focused on, what’s background information and many other features. The question is: how do the Mbya here in Paraguay do it? This is part of our homework for this year, along with the language and culture study. … Once a week Moira hides in the office to puzzle over the texts for a day while Elijah homeschools and cooks. Either way, it’s a team effort! Pray for the Mbya people.”
Monday, Apr 06:
Monday: 50% Completed!

André and Aurélie Tousch minister among the Iski people of Papua New Guinea. “We were in Goroka for a translation check of some Iski New Testament portions with a consultant. We checked quite a few portions, which brings us to a bit more than 50% of the New Testament in the Iski language. The completed books are now Mark, Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, Ephesians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy and Titus. We’ve also translated other portions from the Old and New Testaments. We will now prepare to print a book with all those portions. This “half-NT” will be the believers’ daily bread in the coming years. The new book will replace the one we edited in 2017 which only contained portions of Scripture and no [complete] book.” Thank you for your prayers for the Iski church.

Sunday, Apr 05:
Ethnos360 and the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the current COVID-19 crisis taking place around the world, Ethnos360 is following the guidelines set forth by local, state, federal and international authorities. At the Home Office in Sanford, we have cancelled all events, closed our offices to visitors and instructed members to work from home unless performing an essential duty that cannot be carried out from home. We are working to continue normal business processes, but since most of our people are working remotely, you may experience some delays. We are endeavoring to keep those to a minimum. Our overseas members are coordinating with their local leadership teams regarding appropriate measures in responding to COVID-19 in their specific areas. Our International Security Resource Team is monitoring the situation in each country where we work and advising as necessary. We appreciate your prayers for the many decisions being made regarding ministry, travel, and, as always, for the safety of the people with whom we minister and our members. Read More

Saturday, Apr 04:
Without Internet
Rhett and Stacie Stous pursue the goal of planting a thriving church among the Koval people of Papua New Guinea, with the ultimate aim of seeing that church sending out missionaries of their own, relying on the Holy Spirit to grow and minister to the people around them. Here is a video update.
Friday, Apr 03:
Settling In
Jordan and Stephanie Ryder minister in Papua New Guinea. “Steph will soon [complete formal studies] of the national language. She has been working so hard to get to where she is, and we are grateful to have seen the progress over the last few months! Another vital part of our role here at the Islands Region supply center will be to take part in both maturing church surveys and future church planting surveys. These are basically three-to-ten-day periods where another missionary, some local guys and I will hike into remote locations to do evaluations of the local church, if there is one, and in other cases, to do evaluations of people groups who remain unreached but are waiting for missionaries to come and integrate into their culture, learn their language and ultimately, reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. [Recently, I went on] a ten-day survey through the jungle, hiking over several mountains, and staying in village huts where we will meet several new faces. During this time, we will be doing rapid assessments of their language and culture, all in an effort to have a better grasp of the missional needs that still exist in this region of Papua New Guinea. Please be praying for us during this time. Pray for Steph as I will be gone for ten days in the middle of the jungle and she will be carrying the weight of our family responsibilities alone. Pray for me that I will have the endurance to hike, fight potential illnesses and stay sharp as we meet with unengaged people groups.”
Thursday, Apr 02:
Truly Knowing God
Matt and Debi Zook minister among the Kokola people of Mozambique. “We are preparing to hold four three-day Bible seminars with church leaders this coming year. We would like to have around 20 leaders at each one and around 20 hours of teaching and discussions. Pray that God will enlighten the minds and hearts of those who attend. And we would like to hold transitional literacy classes in four new locations this year as well. Pray that these will lead more people into reading the Bible and truly knowing God.”
Wednesday, Apr 01:
A New Baby Church
Taylor and Abby Goheen minister among the Kaje people of Papua New Guinea. Here is a quick update about what is going on in Kaje. Exciting stuff. View video.
Tuesday, Mar 31:
Nagi Translation Check 2020
Porter and Lexie Hampton minister among the Nagi people of the Asia-Pacific region. “Remember this past July, we had a translation check, checking 884 verses that are now completely translated into the Nagi language? Well, our team is excited to be hosting another check! After months of Porter, Kubili, Joanna and many Nagi friends putting in hours of hard work taking each verse through proper procedure, there are 1016 verses ready to be checked! One of our translation consultants, Bob, and his wife, Debbi, who is able to join him on this consultant trip, along with a translation consultant in training, arrived on Monday. Jeff joined in on this trip because he is being trained as a translation consultant. As our region grows and more and [as] more of the ‘new’ works move out of language learning and into translation and teaching, having another consultant is going to be a must! While Jeff can’t stay for the whole check, it has been neat to have him be a part the last three days.”
Monday, Mar 30:
Local Bible Teaching
Terry and Rosie Banman minister in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. “Terry has started teaching through the chronological Bible lessons in a nearby village. This is done in the trade language, Pidgin English, their heart language. So far, they are tracking well and showing interest! Please pray for them to understand clearly and to choose to believe God's Word! Editor’s note: Many missionaries use the trade language to learn the people’s heart language. But for some people, especially for those living in large towns and cities, the trade language is becoming their heart language.
Sunday, Mar 29:
Do I Take Gods Word for Granted?
Jeff and Naomi Palmer minister to the K people of the Asia-Pacific region. “One of the coolest things about being back this time was to hear the K believers talking about how excited they are to read Ephesians. As of right now, the book of Ephesians has made it through most of the translation checks, so we’re able to do a short-term print-out of it. E and K are two guys who live about an hour up the valley in a small hamlet. They were telling us how the night before, in the men’s house, E started reading the new Ephesians book and was really enjoying it. Eventually he started talking with K about it and reading it to him. They stayed up late reading and discussing it together. E went to sleep, but K kept reading and thinking about it until four a.m.! He was so fired up about what he was learning that he couldn’t sleep. So, he went to where his wife and mother-in-law sleep and woke them up to tell them all about it. They talked about it until dawn! I was so encouraged to hear about how God’s Word is being cherished by the K people. Hearing stories like that makes all the work of translation so worth it. I was also convicted to hear how gripped they were by God’s Word. So many times, I take it for granted. Please pray for us as we continue to chip away at the K translation of the New Testament.”
Saturday, Mar 28:
Make His Word Clear
Ministry among the B people of West Africa: “We are continuing to meet Monday nights [and] … were recently encouraged by one man’s praise and prayer requests before the meeting. This man had helped with the translation checking. We hope you too will be encouraged by what he said. ‘Yes, we praise God. He is the one and only, our Savior. We praise Him because He helped us through the translation check. He helped us make sure His Word was clear in our language. We thank the missionary that came to help us with this work. We trust he has made it safely to the next village to do a translation check there. We ask God to help them make His word clear in that language also and that the missionary will have a safe trip back to his family.’”
Friday, Mar 27:
Gospel Day in Amdu
Bart and Emily Allen minister among the Amdu people of Papua New Guinea. “On March 23 and 24 we [taught] our friends about maps so that they can understand where they are in relation to the stories of the Bible. We also introduced them to a simple timeline to help them understand more clearly how long ago these Bible events took place. On the 25th we introduced God as Yahweh through the story of Moses and the burning bush. The main focus of this lesson is that Yahweh the eternal, self-existing God says, ‘This is what all future generations are to call me.’ [Yesterday we introduced] more attributes of Yahweh God. The main focus is that Yahweh existed in pure happiness despite having nothing that the Amdu people depend on for a good life and this happiness resulted in extreme generosity. It's hard to overstate just how important these foundation stones are for the Amdu people to have a clear understanding of the gospel. Pray that as we draw out the implications of these lessons that they will create the appropriate tension in the Amdu mind and that it will enhunger them to want to hear more.” Read more.
Thursday, Mar 26:
Chipping Away at the Old Testament
Matt and Debi Zook minister among the Kokola people of Mozambique. “Having the printed Lolo and Kokola Bibles is really cool. We really like them. That has led us to want to continue chipping away at the Old Testament portions not yet translated. During the first two weeks of February we finished the final checks of 23 chapters of 1 and 2 Kings. With previously checked chapters, we still need to check the last nine chapters of 2 Kings. Lord willing, we will have another translation check at the end of this year to check either Exodus or Deuteronomy. Pray that God will enable us to work skillfully in this work.”
Wednesday, Mar 25:
Growing in Grace and Truth
Paul and Chabela Keefe minister at the missionary training center in Colombia. “The new semester at the missionary training center here in Colombia has started. We are thankful for each new student. …. During orientation week, the missionaries who work with the Piapoco people here in Colombia impacted the students by sharing how the Piapoco church now has the New Testament and parts of the Old Testament in their own language. Can you imagine finally having God’s Word in English after years and years of waiting? The Piapoco people can now read God’s Word and understand what He is saying to them directly! This has been so exciting for all of us to celebrate. It was also good to hear how the Piapoco church is growing in grace and truth. The Piapoco ladies are teaching each other now. They have become active participants in the church. Pray for the Piapoco church.”
Tuesday, Mar 24:
Praise God with Us
Jim Tanner trains Bible teachers to teach the Scriptures chronologically. “Minape and Monica are now living in [a] coastal town. Minape is one of three men we trained to be a trainer of Bible teachers, and he will be coordinating the Bible courses in [the] east and west. They are a great couple and are loved and respected by all who know them. He has a unique teaching technique that keeps people awake, even in the heat of the afternoons. Pray for this couple as they continue teaching others. [There] is a group closer to us and my fellow translator, Jonathan, was asked to go there recently to hear the salvation testimonies of 33 people who finished [the chronological Bible teaching]. He said, ‘Their testimonies were so clear, and they were so happy to know Christ.’ The two men who taught this class are currently teaching a group of about 60 people through the same lessons. Pray for them. …. We picked up 18 cases of Bibles written in Melanesian Pidgin English. We can hardly keep them in stock.”
Monday, Mar 23:
The Water Situation
Tobi Magill ministers as a nurse at the clinic in Papua New Guinea. “Thank you so much to those of you who participated in our support center water project and have been praying! Keep praying. The new system and tanks have been purchased but the installation process will be a many-month and multi-team project. Pray for the safety of the installation teams. Pray for the functioning of the current system until the new system is in place and ready to take the load. Pray for those who are working on both systems and all of the transitions in the teams that are occurring. Praising God for the provision of the new system.”
Sunday, Mar 22:
Future Leaders of the K People Church
Jeff and Naomi Palmer minister to the K People of the Asia-Pacific region. “Once again it was really refreshing to sit with the believers and hear God’s Word taught in their language. Craig, a coworker, has been discipling a handful of guys in how to teach. Overall, they are doing so well; some are more confident and gifted speakers, and others are nervous and quieter. But these are, God willing, some of the future leaders of the K church. Would you please pray with us for these three married couples -- D and Y, K and K, E and A, and these three single guys -- Y, P and W. (Those last three are on the lookout for Christian girls to marry!) Craig also has a literacy class up and running again. It’s full of men and women that are really wanting to learn how to read and write. Y and P are two of the guys learning to teach the class. Thanks for praying for both of them. We really would love to see the men begin to step up and teach their families God’s Word and be praying together. In light of that, my faithful friend Craig has been meeting together with the men once a week to encourage them in this effort and also spend time praying together about the joys and struggles that they are facing. The men really seem to be enjoying it, and we’ve started to hear how a number of them are meeting together in their hamlets (two or three families each) to pray and discuss God’s Word.”
Saturday, Mar 21:
Language Study
Steve and Natalie Hutchings minister among a people group in Asia Pacific. “We are really amazed at how things have kicked off in official language study! Steve has managed to gain 300 hours under his belt while still working on different projects and working on the house. I am really surprised that I have reached 211 hours in this first two and a half months and thank the Lord for His sustaining grace as I have juggled this with homeschooling. This language is really interesting! The verbs are very difficult to understand as they change form in many different contexts. Just when we think we have one word worked out, we test it and often discover that it doesn’t fit in the context we find ourselves in. The same goes for pronouns and just about every word so far. Amazingly, despite this challenging language, we each have managed to communicate with the people in very basic ways, our understanding is increasing and we are able to use practical expressions that help us get through the days, such as ‘a-ma-mino-ge’, ‘what are you doing?’ Pray for progress in this difficult language.”
Friday, Mar 20:
From Bogotá for Now...

Wayne and Patsy Gibson are involved in church planting and discipleship among the Piapoco people of Colombia. “The Lord is doing some great things among the Piapoco people. The Piapocos now have a clear, understandable translation of the New Testament in their own language. It is a blessing to hear some of their comments about the new Bible. Not only do they appreciate how meaningful it speaks to them, but they also like the footnotes and added helps. In December, the Piapoco team also took boxes of New Testaments to a village upriver, teaching men, women and children. The ladies were able to finish the gospel lessons with the village women. Fifteen of the ladies shared testimonies of their faith in the Lord Jesus. Three of them want to be trained to teach as well, so plans are for the team to return in June to train them to teach others and to finish the foundational lessons for the men. One older man told [us], ‘I understand clearly the teaching you are giving because it’s the way you teach, and it’s in my own language.’ He looks forward to hearing more. Pray for all the details and traveling involved for the New Testament dedication service in March.”

Thursday, Mar 19:
Bible Translation and Bible Lesson Development
Scott and Natasha Flaugher minister among the Elsengg people of Asia Pacific. “Please pray for the continued work of Bible translation and continued development of Bible lessons (Creation through the Resurrection). This work is continuing by God’s grace. Pray for faithful helpers for Carolyn [Rowan, the translator] and also for Scott, who are not only able to help, but desirous of hearing God’s Truth for themselves. There is lots of … spiritual darkness and rising forms of opposition continuously.”
Wednesday, Mar 18:
Seeing Jesus

Jack and Janie Housley minister to Ethnos360 missionaries on home assignment in the USA. “During our years with New Tribes Mission, now known as Ethnos360, Janie and I took many [students and young people on] short-term mission trips with a program called Destination Summit to many places around the world. We showed them the fields that are white to harvest and invited them to pray for laborers to go to those fields. To encourage them to go to those fields, we showed them the King of all kings, the One with all authority, the One that said, ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ We showed them Jesus, and some today are still on the field, teaching the Word that will remain when heaven and earth pass away.” Pray for laborers. Read more.

Tuesday, Mar 17:
O Nations of the World...
Stephen and Carolyn Crockett minister among the Moi people of Asia Pacific. “We're so thankful for the way the Lord has worked in the hearts of the Moi people over the years. We see a real hunger among many for the Word of God and being discipled. As time goes on, though, we do see some of the Moi starting to get drawn back into their old ways of being concerned about being cursed by people, evil spirits’ power over them and superstitions that don't make sense to us but feel very real to them. Anyway, since we first started into evangelism and discipleship, we were aware that syncretism like this is often a problem for animistic people groups, so we've tried to be proactive in teaching them about the dangers of mixing the old ways with the truth. Yet some are struggling in this area. Please pray for the Lord to work in their hearts and that they will realize the Lord is ‘glorious and strong.’ And that they will ‘give the Lord the glory He deserves.’”
Monday, Mar 16:
The Write Skills Needed

Tobi Magill ministers as a nurse at the clinic in Papua New Guinea. “For those who heard me speak last year and were interested in our on-going literacy project, they now have a website that answers many of your questions and keeps you up to date on what projects are being worked on and what has been completed.” You can use your skills as an author, illustrator, editor, translator or publisher to move the literacy work forward. Learn more.

Sunday, Mar 15:
Getting Close to Sharing the Gospel
Jason and Laken Cizdziel minister among the Uriay people of Papua New Guinea. “Yesterday our two scheduled language helpers Jebri and Fabel didn’t show up. They hiked upriver a couple hours to another village and likely got trapped by the big rains we’ve been having. I found Fabel’s wife, Imi, who is one of the oldest, smallest, frailest ladies in the village, and she agreed to sit down with us and help us learn language. We love Imi. She likely only weighs 80 pounds, has few teeth but a deep, raspy smoker’s voice. We sat for a couple hours and took turns telling stories. She occasionally would stop and correct things we said imperfectly, but the best part of my day was watching her toothless smile form as we finished each story. Her smile meant that she understood us in her own language. That even as our stories are growing longer and more complex, she can hear us in her own mother tongue. Which means we are getting close to sharing the gospel story with the Uriay people which they heard once before but have almost entirely forgotten. Pray to see God’s spirit come alive in the Uriay people.”
Saturday, Mar 14:
Simbari New Testament
David and Shari Ogg minister among the Simbari people of Papua New Guinea. “Thanks for praying for the Simbari translation checking over the last week. We are happy to report that we finished the final consultant check of the Simbari New Testament today, February 12, 2020. The checking went well, and we finished ahead of schedule. Our thanks to Jason Stuart, our consultant on this check, for his contribution to the Simbari translation project through months of pouring over the text and checking our source language exegesis, checking the translated form and confirming the communication effectiveness with Simbari speakers. We are also grateful to the Simbari translation team who helped us with this check. Their names are Raymond, Klibon, Abraham and Ekim. Many other Simbari people helped in earlier stages as well. In fact, we have a huge team all working together that have helped make this milestone possible. Thanks so much to all of you for the part you have played to help bring God’s Word to the Simbari people in their own language! Read more.
Friday, Mar 13:
The Power of God at Work
Christopher and Lilli Meyer minister among the Kaje people of Papua New Guinea. “Our co-workers Jon and Taylor had started to teach the people chronologically through the Bible. Well, the first phase of the Bible teaching already ended on December 19. It was great to see how many people came to hear God’s Word day after day, week after week, and did not grow weary. I guess we can say that the whole village came to hear, and there weren’t many people at all dropping out along the way. Almost everyone was there for the presentation of the gospel lessons, and many people really got it. There must have been so much joy in heaven during these last couple of months. We continue to meet with the people who are interested to learn more about God. Once a week we meet for Bible teaching, and apart from teaching new stuff to them, we also meet another time and review the previous Bible lesson. Please pray for the Kaje. Pray that God continues to work on people’s hearts so they can also receive the gift of salvation.”