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Dear Reader,

We hope you are doing well and are safe during this time.

Please note that some of these updates were written several weeks before they were posted. Ethnos360 missionaries around the world are following COVID-19 advisories and restrictions in their countries in order to stop the spread of the virus. More Details.

The Editor

Friday, Nov 27:
Bible Curriculum

Jon and Angie Button minister in Southeast Africa. “Praise God we were able to finish the first part of our Bible curriculum. It has been carefully translated, taking in the importance of cultural interpretations. The curriculum is being translated and developed in Swahili. We still need to review it and make some format changes as well as make sure it communicates clearly as a whole. The next section that we will be working on represents many hundreds of pages and covers many areas including phonetics, translation principles and other subjects involved in cross-cultural church planting. We are excited that there is growing interest in these materials, and we look forward to the opportunities we will have to teach and disciple others to use them to train locals for cross-cultural ministry. Pray for us to have wisdom in this project.”

Thursday, Nov 26:
Spotlight on the Guanano

Barry and Denise Spor minister among the G people of Colombia and Brazil. “Orlando, Rey, Leoncio and Jhoni have carefully taught through the Phase Two lesson set and taken time to disciple the eight new believers in Puerto Colombia, going each weekend over the last month. Last weekend they were able to finish. The new Christians were so glad for the work of the men giving of their time to teach truth to them. They expressed their thanks to the teaching team and then to us missionaries [along with our co-workers, Lindy and Carol Drake,] for bringing them this life-changing message. Orlando says they talked with the new believers about the next teaching, Phase Three, which is the book of Acts, and [about] how they can model their church after the one in Acts. They will learn to live the life of Jesus, to sing, pray, celebrate communion, give and spread the message to other villages. The plan right now is to take a break and then be taught the book of Acts. Pray that the truths taught would become precious to them and [be] obeyed.”

Wednesday, Nov 25:
Translation Check Successful

Ron and Tami James minister with Ethnos360 Aviation here in the USA. “You have joined us in praying for the recent Creation to Christ Bible teaching among the Amdu. Here is a snippet that will show you just a small bit of the spiritual fruit that was produced because you prayed: Watch the video.

Tuesday, Nov 24:
Teacher Training

Jim and Judy Burdett minister to the Dom people of Papua New Guinea. “We will head back to Sanford, Florida, the beginning of November [to] start our new ministry service at The Homes of Ethnos360, working there in the mornings and [doing] Dom-related work in the afternoons. Jim intends to translate as much of the Old Testament into Dom as possible, to create more Bible lessons for our Dom teachers and to [write] a one-volume Bible commentary in both Dom and Tok Pisin, PNG’s national language. Lord willing, this will include yearly visits to PNG and the Dom [people]. It goes without saying, but to make it clear to all, we are not retiring, even though we will be working part time at the retirement center. We are still in full time ministry, albeit off the field. As mentioned in our last letter, Gerolf, our partner, had a teacher training time with five of our teachers. Then sometime later, he and Mailis and boys went to the Dom, and he had time with about 13 guys and one lady. Exciting that there are more folks desiring to teach God’s Word. ... Please pray for our coworkers as they are working through what God has for them.”

Monday, Nov 23:
The Book of Genesis

Peter and Pam Van Der Decker minister to the Kaulong of Papua New Guinea (PNG). “Since our return to PNG toward the end of last year, we made two trips to see our Kaulong friends in the village. While we so enjoyed getting to worship and fellowship with the believers, our primary focus for each trip was working on various aspects of translating God’s Word into the Kaulong language. This involved giving attention to the book of Genesis, as well as to other specific passages of the Old Testament which are included in the evangelistic, chronological Bible teaching. During our visit in February, God amazed us during our Bible translation check on Genesis 1-18 with our translation consultant. We praise Him for how the translation communicated so clearly to the three young men who helped us with the check. Since that time, various Scripture portions are moving forward, making their way through the numerous steps of the translation process.”

Friday, Nov 20:
A Silver Lining

Bob and Debbie Clark minister among the Tugutil people of Asia-Pacific region. “The biggest silver lining from the COVID cloud for us was the opportunity to devote a majority of April through July to the careful review and editing process for our Tugutil Bible. The postponement of the final two and a half months of our trip allowed me to focus on making sure that our terminology was consistent, spelling mistakes were corrected, formatting of the text was uniform, etc. Now, round one of that editing step is complete, and the Tugutil Bible is one large step closer to being printed. We have, of course, had to push back the timing of the printing and the dedication ceremony, but we are thankful that we were still able to make progress despite the unusual circumstances.” Read more.

Thursday, Nov 19:
Preparing Gods Word for the Tigak People

Ned and Linn Beall minister among the Tigak people of Papua New Guinea. “We greatly appreciated your prayers. All of 1 Samuel translated by Lisa Martinez and the Scripture portions needed to teach from Creation to Christ in our Bible lessons translated by Aimee Hedrick have been completely checked in Tigak. It is exciting to have this milestone complete. There were quite a few problems the first day of checking. The second two days were amazing. Then the last two days the internet was not as cooperative, but we were able to finish. It is a huge relief to have everything complete for what we want to print with our Tigak New Testament. There are last minute reviews to make sure everything is accurate, and then we have to find a typesetter to get it ready for the printers. This is a big unknown at the moment. The Ethnos360 typesetter has not been able to work this year due to medical problems and doing the work through [another organization] will cost an extra $17,000. At this point we just need the Lord’s wisdom and direction on what He would have us do.” Here is their blog.

Wednesday, Nov 18:
Testify: Amdu

Benjamin and Missy Hatton minister among the Amdu people of Papua New Guinea. “We have loved watching this Amdu couple's interest grow from the very early days of our first-ever literacy class to the foundational Bible teaching we just finished. They have been motivated learners from the start, and as a result they are the most advanced literacy students and among the most excited new believers in Amdu. Paison and Mensie have also regularly helped us with translation and Bible lesson development. We are so thankful for these evidences of God at work in their lives. We can't express how delighted we are with where Paison and Mensie are at in their relationship with God, and we look forward to sharing more stories like this with you. Continue to pray for the baby believers in Amdu.” Hear their own testimonies.

Tuesday, Nov 17:
Moving Forward

Geoff and Shannon Husa minister to the Mibu people of Papua New Guinea. “Other than about a month-long interruption for moving, the translation project continues along nicely. I've managed to draft up to chapter 20 in Revelation. Getting so close to the finish of that book. I should be working with my translation helper at this point, but all our communication with Mibu has been cut off because of an issue with the power out there. We've been unable to get out there to fix it yet, so it's been about a month without much communication at all. The latest has us hoping that either Chris (co-worker) or I can get out there in November to fix that and get the system up and running again. ... So, while I can't work with my translation helper at the moment, I continue to draft ahead. I hope to maybe finish drafting the book before I work with him again, maybe toward the end of the year.” Pray that all would work toward getting the translation complete.

Monday, Nov 16:
Class One and Class Two

Dan and Judy Burke minister among the Chimane people in Bolivia. “Due to the quarantine restrictions being lifted, we were able to hold discipleship courses with Class One and Class Two the first two weekends in October. Class One had almost perfect attendance. We had a great time of study with the ones who came. Dan finished up going through the commentary on the book of Mark with the men, and the ladies continued with their study on the life of Abraham. Class Two had a few more no-shows, but we enjoyed our time with the ones who came. The men in Class Two are working through the chronological Bible lessons. They covered a lot of ground historically, studying from the time before the ten commandments were given through the time of the judges. Attention was good during the teaching times, and they had a lot of meaningful interaction. I was impressed with God’s grace during my lesson preparation for the ladies. We have been slowly going through Genesis; we are now in chapter 21. I found myself very encouraged in my lesson preparation. We ask that you pray for peace and for the freedom to continue to minister here among the Chimane people.”

Friday, Nov 13:
The Lord provides!

Ron and Tami James minister in Ethnos360 Aviation, McNeal, Arizona. “Ethnos360 Aviation staff have been praying for three R66 helicopters to assist the church planting work in Papua New Guinea. These R66's will replace the 40-plus year-old Bell Long Ranger helicopter that is often down for maintenance because of its age. More and more, our foreign mission fields are finding that helicopters are a more versatile tool than the fixed wing aircraft for getting the job done in the majority of locations. God has already provided one of the three. The above picture is the new one, straight from the Robinson manufacturer, ready to be painted in our mission colors (red and white). Stay tuned for how God will use this tool in the near future to get His precious Word into the hands and ultimately the hearts of people in remote locations. Read more.

Thursday, Nov 12:
Team One

Wayne and Patsy Gibson minister among the Piapoco people in Colombia. “Two young Piapoco Christian guys came to our house to load up 10 boxes of New Testaments and five boxes of lessons and Bible materials for the prairie villages -- all that the boat had room for -- for the four-day river trip. It was great to see Team One off, and they were pretty excited to be going. The men will be teaching a good group of prairie Piapocos the lessons from Revelation, and Susana will teach the ladies on the woman’s role in the church, as she had done upriver. How we thank the Lord for His provision for the team, for the gasoline [and] food supplies, and for a good boat to rent. Thank you for praying for their time and teaching, for safe travels, good health and a positive response to the teaching. We thank the Lord for your involvement with these Teams, for the edification of the Piapoco believers and for seeing more Piapoco villages reached with the gospel.”

Wednesday, Nov 11:
Teaching and Discipling Church Leaders

Ed and Jeanne Casteel minister among the Wana people in Asia Pacific. “Even though I cannot be there in person to meet with our believers this fall, the Lord has opened some other avenues for me to be able to teach and disciple our church leaders. Two of the largest Wana villages now have either satellite Wi-Fi or cell phone tower, so we have been able to schedule teaching times via programs like Skype and WhatsApp. In fact, I was able to preach a few weeks ago at a Sunday morning service. They sat the computer on the pulpit along with external speakers and turned on the video so I could see them. I felt like I was standing right behind the pulpit looking out over them. They have asked me to do that from time to time, which I am very glad to do. I am also working with three of our tribal families on lesson development, and we can do this very easily remotely. We are currently working on three lesson projects developing lessons in the Wana language for the books of Ezra [and] Nehemiah and revisions on the lessons for new believers. So, despite the virus we are glad to see things continue in a positive direction.” Pray for the lesson projects and for continued discipleship.

Tuesday, Nov 10:

Larry and Linda Depue minister among the Simba people in Bolivia. “Pray for our future ministry here with the Simba people. The coronavirus has changed the landscape in many ways, and there will be many challenges ahead. There is much fear associated with the virus. Most of the fear is based on poor information. Some communities are still completely shut off to anyone from the outside. We would like to visit the believers in some of these communities but can’t at this time. The uncertainties of how to proceed in the ministry because of the virus are greatly complicated. Please pray for the struggling church here ... and the few believers. The lack of being shepherded and the effect of not meeting because of the virus has greatly harmed the health of the church. One of the biggest detriments to the church is the poor testimony of believers or professing believers. This has happened many times over the years. While we were gone, some of the believers fell into immorality. Pray for the Simba church and believers.”

Monday, Nov 09:
Stand Therefore

The B family minister among the Lue people in Southeast Asia Mainland. They were able to partner with the Prai church in some of their ministries. "When we write to you, we long to share reports of many coming to know the Lord or even that there is eager interest in hearing the lessons and growing desire to know more. But as is increasingly clear, we are being called to stand. To stand firm in the declaration of Truth and with endurance in doing good. We have cause to rejoice and want to praise God for what He is doing and will do. Our local church in the city gives us opportunities to teach and be encouraged. We have increasing opportunities outside the village and with other people groups. We are honored to be invited to participate with and come alongside the Prai church to the north of us. We praise God for the open door and the invitation we have there to be a light. We have several activities scheduled over the next couple of months. Please pray that as we interact with both the kids and the teachers, we can weave the truth of God into the lessons. We are grateful to be able to serve our co-workers in a variety of contexts both in person and virtually, and [we] thank God for all the technology that allows that."

Friday, Nov 06:
Growth of the Baby Believers

Bill and Karen Michaud are part of the larger team that has helped the Wantakia Team of Papua New Guinea, get to where they are. "In our July update, we asked you all to pray for the hearts of the Wantakia people as the months of teaching were approaching the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Praise God with us for new brothers and sisters in Christ from this language group. With all the years of preparation for this to take place in Wantakia, there is still so much that needs to be done: Scripture and lesson translation, literacy, lots of discipleship and continued teaching of how to live as a Christian. Pray for the growth of the baby believers in Wantakia and for strength for the missionary families as they continue to teach and disciple."

Thursday, Nov 05:
First Teaching Completed

Christina Canapp ministered as a member of the Ga’dang team in the Philippines, but she now works from a city in support work. She says, "The first round of teaching has finally been completed among the Ga'dang people. This has been a work in progress for many years, and it is so encouraging to see this milestone. While we always hope for a massive response or whole groups to say 'Yes, this is true, and I believe in Christ's work on the cross for me,' the reality is usually far different. So, while we cannot say 500 people have decided to follow Christ, we can say that those who chose to attend were faithfully taught the Word and that the Lord is definitely working in peoples' lives. The team will come out for a break, and one family will head home for a home assignment. The other family will return to the village and begin the next round of teaching/discipling those who are interested. Please continue to pray for the people there and for God to continue to work in their hearts and minds."

Wednesday, Nov 04:
Finding Silver Linings in a Cloudy Year

Derek and Chantal Chen minister among the Tanguat people in Papua New Guinea. “Just like that, three quarters of 2020 is already in the books. In this universally challenging year, we are finding silver linings in our first year of living in the bush. Three blessings come to mind. 1: Despite all the disruptions caused by COVID-19, we still have the privilege of staying and living in a remote village, learning the language and culture of the Tanguat people. Make no mistake, culture and language acquisition during a pandemic has its share of challenges. However, we are able to continue to know our neighbors and friends a little better, catch glimpses into their world, ‘walk in their shoes’ (not the best metaphor as most of them go around barefoot) and develop deeper relationships. For that we are truly grateful. 2: After our teammates left in mid-April for home assignment, we have been living in the bush without co-workers. For bush newbies like ourselves, there was a somewhat steep learning curve in juggling culture and language acquisition, gently shepherding the young church, as well as learning how to thrive as a family in the bush. So, last month, we were very thankful for a break at our missions’ home office in the cooler highlands. 3: The church has been going through a review of Creation-to-Christ foundational teaching on Sundays. The church has heard this gospel teaching a few times since its inception in 2015, but due to an extended time of no discipleship and leadership development, the people are still struggling with their identity: what it means to be Christian and what it means to be a church. We do not have the language capability to do in-depth discipleship yet, but these weekly lessons contain much-needed reminders about biblical truths. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to teach and encourage the believers daily about their identity in Christ.”

Tuesday, Nov 03:
Buru Testimonies Part Six of Six

Sasch and Charissa minister among the Buru people in Asia Pacific. One man who had been listening said, "I know that the Lord died on the cross and [that] His blood was shed to pay for my sin. And I, as a sinful person, can't keep God's ten commandments, but I keep relying on God. When I die, I'll be relying on Him, and also when I'm living, I'll keep relying on Him. I've heard God's Word already, ... and I'm following the Lord Jesus. I'm not following any other thing in the world; I'm hoping in and relying on God alone." Pray for steadfast faith and continued growth for these believers, especially in the face of opposition from family members and cultural expectations that go against Scripture.

Monday, Nov 02:
Future Teachers

Jim and Kathy Tanner minister as teachers in Papua New Guinea. “This was an eager group of future teachers. They started arriving Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. I had the help of two teachers, Jonathan and Mark, to carry the teaching load. There were 14 people attending, and we pray many of them will go back to teach their own people the Word of God. Two weeks before this class, we had a prophecy course with 52 attending. That was also an eager class. The logistics of housing and feeding that many people was a challenge, but we all survived. We continue to translate the 125 lessons for Course 5, Old Testament Bible lessons. Pray for the translation team.”