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For 75 years we've been working worldwide, but many problems prevent us from sending Ethnos360 missionaries to every people group that lacks a thriving church. And there's one answer to all of them: Training. You can play a role in helping provide for the training of people from other countries to reach not only their own country, but the world.

Training is a biblical answer too -- an illustration that we're all part of the body of Christ, working together for God's glory.

National Missionary Training

Our 75-year track record is attracting church leaders in other countries who are asking us for help. More specifically, they want us to train them to effectively disciple and plant churches.

Women sitting and talking 

Some of these people will be trained in the USA. 

Your partnership provides for their costs of travel, visas, books and supplies.

Curriculum will be developed to train people in their own regions. 

With your partnership, skilled trainers, experienced missionaries and local leaders will work together to determine what will be taught and how.

Programs will also be developed. 

Your gifts enable these same teams work out where to teach, who will teach and other important details.

Two women in a field

Your help in providing proper training enables these Christian servants to disciple and pastor groups of believers within and outside of their borders. Their deep faith and commitment, coupled with their new knowledge and skill set, allows them to lead a young church to become self-sustained.


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