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Are you looking for something unique and different for your Youth Activity?

Wayumi Quest may be your answer! This is a 3-day retreat designed to bring your youth group together.  At our campus in Pennsylvania, learn what it's like to take the Gospel to unreached people groups around the world and have a blast doing it! If you are in 7th through 12th grade, this is for you.

Wayumi Quest is different ... it's all about missions and God's heart for the whole world.

This is a unique missions opportunity for high school youth groups or Christian schools. It is an opportunity to get away for a winter weekend and at the same time have your teens challenged for world evangelism while exposing them to the unreached people groups around the world. Who knows, they may also discover a whole new world of potential for service for their future!

Each Wayumi Quest begins with supper on the first day at 6 p.m. and finishes the third day at lunch. And no we won't be eating grub worms or monkey meat but we do promise great food. Attendees come as a youth group along with your youth leaders, who serve as chaperones. Our staff takes care of all sessions and activities, which frees your leaders up to spend time with your students.

The sessions are interesting and fun while exposing your students to the biblical basis for reaching unreached people for Christ and challenging them to get involved. Our team is made up of veteran missionaries who have served on the mission field for many years in some of the most remote places on earth.

The students will also be involved in activities and games and they'll even have time to just hang out in the Activity Center or play in the Gym. Human Foosball is one of the favorites in the Activity Center. Of course, if there is snow, they'll have time to go out and enjoy it. If not, there will be plenty of indoor activities planned.

Wayumi Quest is $79* per person. This covers all expenses.  A minimum group of 25 is required to book a Quest.

Please contact us for more information by email or by phone 570-398-0639. Or fill out the following form with your contact information and we will contact you!  

*Prices are subject to change.

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