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Our prayers are with YWAM during the difficult time after the bus accident. X

Christmas Meant Nothing to Them

They Didn’t Know Jesus

At this time last year, the Manobo people of the Philippines hadn’t yet heard the gospel message. Christmas meant nothing to them. But this year? It’s a different story.

Learning the Truth

Tribe, Gospel, Smile, Joy, Christmas

That’s because early in 2016, the gospel message was presented to the Manobos. “People were shocked and angry as we talked about His betrayal, trial, beating and crucifixion,” wrote missionaries Grant and Marianne Bayfield. “They all wanted to jump in and save Jesus! … [But when we] talked about Jesus rising from the dead, their faces brightened and smiles broke out... Death could not keep Jesus down. He is so powerful. He rose again!”

Knowing their Savior

Elderly, Woman, Celebrating, First, Christmas

“I’m so thankful I had the chance to hear what Jesus has done for me,” shared one elderly Manobo woman. “I know I have little time left in this world, but now that I’ve put my trust in Jesus, heaven will be my home for sure!”

She knows why the Christ child was born so many years ago. But there are still unreached people groups who don’t. Would you pray for more laborers?

Tags: Asia-Pacific, Manobo People, Mission News, Prayer, Teamwork, Philippines
POSTED ON Dec 25, 2016 by Rosie Cochran