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Pack up your grandma in a big string bag and smile ...

Ginogui, right, helped Wapane get to Bible teaching. Piyando, left, is one of the Moi Bible teachers.

Did She Wait Too Long?

Finally, the time had come -- the Bible lessons that Wapane longed to hear would be taught. She would be able to hear the Talk about the Creator and His Deliverer that had changed the lives of so many Moi people.

But the lessons would be in a village nearly two hours away by foot, and Wapane, the oldest Moi woman, was now too frail to walk the trail. Had she waited too long to hear this important Talk?

Was it Too Far?

Ginogui, who had heard the Talk and placed his faith in Jesus, knew he had to do something. This was more than just the concern of a believer for a lost woman; Wapane was a relative.

But what could he do? The trail to the village where they would teach was muddy and narrow and steep. Even if he could manage to carry her, could she cling to his back for that long? No, it was too far.

The Answer’s in the Bag

As Ginogui prepared for the trip -- for he would not miss an opportunity to hear this Talk again -- he could not get Wapane’s predicament out of his head.

He got out his largest string bag. The Talk started at Creation and went through Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, so he would be gone a long time. He put a hammock in his bag, but then he stopped, and smiled. His largest string bag was just large enough for frail old Wapane!

He emptied the bag and used it to carry her to the village for the Talk. For two hours he focused on the simple task of putting one foot in front of the other as he struggled to bring Wapane safely to her destination.

When she arrived, Wapane said, “I’ve come because of the Creator’s Talk. I’m really excited to hear it, so I’ve come to listen.”

What are You Carrying?

Would you carry someone up and down a rough, muddy trail for two hours so they could hear God’s Word? If you’ve chosen to take responsibility to pray fervently and regularly for missionaries and those they serve, you are carrying a burden no less precious than Wapane.

The Moi Bible teachers recently completed the lessons, and twenty more Mois placed their faith in Christ. We’re sad to say that Wapane was not among them; a Moi teacher is now working closely with her. Please pray that she will understand and place her faith in Christ. Pray also as other teachers now disciple new believers.

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POSTED ON Nov 02, 2014 by Ian Fallis