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Someone Feels Like They Can't Go On

Missionaries' lives are spent outside of their own culture.

As you read this, at least one missionary is sitting in a house halfway between “nowhere” and “anywhere but here,” and perhaps they’re feeling alone. They could be wondering if they’ll ever understand the people God has sent them to. Maybe they’re in a support role, and feeling insignificant and unappreciated. Right now, it seems like they just can’t go on, for any of a dozen reasons.

The Daily Battle

It’s not quiet. Hundreds of bugs may be drumming against their window screens, drawn by the dim light on their table. Rain could be thundering against their tin roof. It might be that people are standing on their porch, calling out their name.

And they’re hot and sticky, and there’s not enough rain or too much rain, and just living here is an exhausting struggle. How on earth are they supposed to plant a church, when it’s a daily battle to cling to Jesus themselves?

And Then It Happens

And then you pray.

The initial result might be something small. A sigh or a deep breath. A fresh breeze. Or something as simple yet profound as hope.

The circumstances don’t change, but in God, they find the strength to persevere. In His Word, they read the encouragement they need. In His presence, they find the comfort they so desperately long for.

Because you prayed.

You Made the Difference

Please don’t think you’re “just praying.”

Your prayers are making a difference right now in the lives of men and women who are serving God. Men and women who know what it’s like to come to the end of their own resources -- and discover all over again that in God is all the strength and encouragement and insight they will ever need.

And all we can do is say, thank you.

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POSTED ON Nov 23, 2014 by Ian Fallis