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Teaching Literacy Helps the Church to Reach Out

Nit, Nut and Nim

A highlight of Ian Fallis’ trip to Thailand was interviewing three young Prai women who are teaching literacy. Ian, a strategist with NTM, shared that Nit, Nut and Nim have a “vision for how important it is for people to be able to read God’s Word for themselves.”

“I’m Pressured Inside”

Prai, Learning, Reading, Scripture

“I’m just really pressured inside to go up there and teach people to read,” Nut said. She recognizes that literacy is important as a tool to help the church reach out to those who have not yet heard.

One of her co-teachers, Nit, agrees with the importance. If not, she wouldn’t put up with the carsickness she endures on the repeated trips over winding roads to one of the villages where they teach. She admits that she’s asked the Lord, “Does it have to be this way?” But in the end she knows that “God has brought me here for this. I’m going to persevere.”

A Burden for the Unreached

Teaching, Prai, Read, Literacy

Nit, Nut and Nim have a burden for the many unreached among their own people. That’s why they teach literacy. They want to see their people reading the Bible lessons and God’s Word for themselves.

Please pray for these three women as they continue teaching literacy, enabling their people to read and write in Prai. 

Tags: Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asia Mainland, Mission News, Prayer, Prai People
POSTED ON Jan 22, 2017 by Rosie Cochran