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The Power of Flight
Author: Bruce Enemark
Are you interested in mission aviation? Would you like to soar above the clouds or gently set the helicopter down on a tiny square of cleared space? “The Power of Flight” takes a look at Ethnos360 Aviation – its purpose, its strategy, its pilots,...
Core Values of Ethnos360 Aviation
A sidebar to the article "The Power of Flight"
You and Aviation
Author: Bruce Enemark
See how you can become involved in helping get aircraft to the different locations in order to make getting the gospel spread faster or helping to make flights affordable.
Being Like Jesus
Author: Phil Koop
Phil Koop, the executive director of Ethnos360 Aviation, presents a very timely challenge to be like Jesus. “Is there someone you can be like Jesus to, walking with them in the messiness of life to bring them to God?”
From Our CEO
Author: Larry Brown, CEO, Ethnos360
“In 1942, the year New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos360) was founded, Paul Fleming made this statement in the third issue of the mission’s magazine: ‘We want to employ every kind of modern equipment that will enable us to move rapidly into the...
Where Bible Education and Missions are One
In this article, we look at Ethnos360’s Bible Institute – where it came from and where it is heading. The changes have been many, but the purpose has remained the same. There will be a new president, but you will meet both the outgoing and the...
Sidebar: The Core Values of EBI
Author: Bruce Enemark
A sidebar to the article "Where Bible Education and Missions Are One"
A sidebar to the article "Where Bible Education and Missions Are One"
Not Hanging Up Our Cleats Yet
Author: Ron Lindsey
Read Ron Lindsey’s passion to continue serving the Lord after leaving his position as president of the Bible Institute.
From Our CEO
Author: Larry Brown, CEO, Ethnos360
“We value the Word of God as our final authority.” Larry Brown takes this Ethnos360 core value and applies it to the Bible Institute’s purpose.