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Complex Contexts Continue to Present Challenges
The Amazon jungle split multiple times by countless rivers. Huge cities teeming with millions of inhabitants. Both contain unreached people groups...
The Wisdom of God in Writing His Word
Author: Jerry and Joyce McDaniels
Remind yourself with Jerry and Joyce’s comments on how wise God was to put His Word in written form.
From Our CEO
Author: Larry Brown, CEO, Ethnos360
Larry Brown stresses the need to have literate believers in any church to see it growing and thriving.
Oh, to Read and Write!
Author: Bruce Enemark
What are your memories of learning to read and write? Remember the feeling of finally being able to read an entire story? This article explains the process of literacy – the training, the new software, the struggles to learn and finally the...
The One Road to God
Author: Rachel Mueller
The Maliyali people have always followed many different “roads” to get to eternal paradise...
Continuing to Venture Into the Unknown
“Where there is no vision [no revelation of God and His Word], the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).
Author: Brian Coombs Interim Director at Ethnos360 Training
The interim director of Ethnos360 Training shares the goal of the training courses and how it has affected his outlook. What will cause you to quit? What will it take for you to stay the course? Have you ever heard of John Stephen Akhwari? Let his...
From Our CEO
Author: Larry Brown, CEO, Ethnos360
How important do you see the foundation of your life? Larry Brown shows his builder side as he introduces Ethnos360’s training.
An Encounter With Missions
Immerse yourself in how God has used the Short-Term Trips to challenge people, to have people step outside their comfort zones and to see them learn to trust in Him. Is this your next step?
Prepared to Thrive: Training Future Church Planters
From the very beginning of the mission back in 1942, the leaders felt that training was essential. Watch the progress of the mission as it went through phases of change . . . but with the same goal: prepare the missionaries for ministry to the...