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Job Type:Business and Administration   Region:North America   Country:United States  
Perform general accounting duties for Ethnos360 Aviation to maintain complete sets of financial records, keep track of accounts, and verify the accuracy of accounts and procedures used for recording financial transactions. View More
Job Type:Business and Administration   Country:Asia-Pacific region  
Liaison with partner organization requiring a high degree of national language proficiency. Responsible for mission account oversight and quality control.  Responsible to operate and manage the bookkeeping outstation for the region. View More
Job Type:Construction and Maintenance   Region:North America   Country:United States  
Directs projects (e.g. site repairs/construction, preventive maintenance, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring completion within established time frames, according to project design, and within budget. Collaborates with outside contractors and city officials for the purpose of implementing and maintaining services and facilities for the EBI program. Oversees the development of long and short-range emergency maintenance plans (e.g. power outages, boiler malfunctions, etc.). Routinely... View More
Job Type:Business and Administration   Region:Africa   Country:East Africa   Duration:4 Years  
Give leadership to the Mozambique office team (that handles visa paperwork and other documents, supply buying and other services), timely and accurate upkeep of all financial records and communication of financial information to the team, and communication with sending partners and field leadership. View More
Job Type:Education other   Region:North America   Country:Canada   Duration:1 Year  
Assisting the teacher each day so that the parents of the children can participate in the missionary training course. Assisting with daily activities such as circle/snack/play time for the children of the missionary candidates. Cleaning the classrooms that were used in the morning class time.  Being flexible and willing to help with the care of children in the nursery, toddlers, or pre-school program. View More
Job Type:Education administration and staff   Region:North America   Country:United States  
Oversee the planning and process of applying Ethnos360 Child Protection Policy (CPP) standards to life at the EBI Jackson campus.  Coordinates with Ethnos360 Department of Child Protection (DCP) to evaluate current campus practices against CPP standards and brainstorms solutions when shortfalls are discovered.  Other duties as assigned. View More
Job Type:Education administration and staff   Region:North America   Country:United States   Duration:1 Year  
Personnel who with consistency serve in the childcare department in order to provide a safe, structured, and loving environment for the children of staff and students. View More
Job Type:Communications   Region:Africa   Country:East Africa   Duration:Career  
View More
Job Type:Communications   Region:Africa   Country:West Africa   Duration:Career  
View More
Job Type:Evangelism and Church Planting   Country:Papua New Guinea   Duration:Career  
Upon arrival in PNG church planters begin with study of the national trade language and PNG culture.  After forming teams church planters move into villages, and begin an intense time of culture and language acquisition of the local language while building relationships among the people. After reaching proficiency in the culture and language, church planters write Bible lessons and translate Old Testament portions and the New Testament into the local language.  This takes place while... View More