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The Changing Context of the Unreached
“The Changing Context of the Unreached” explores the five factors that make reaching the unreached “a tangled ball of yarn.” The “how to reach” changes; the “why” never will. Larry Brown takes a look at how the change affects him in his Letter...
Who are the unreached of the world?
In this issue, we give you a number of definitions to help you understand Ethnos360’s goal of “a thriving church for every people.” What does unreached mean? And then see what happens to a people group who were unreached and now have been reached...
When the Welcome Is Slow in Coming
“When the Welcome Is Slow in Coming” traces the journey of Jody and Barbara Crain from Florida to the Tagbanwa people of the Philippines. Larry Brown considers the perseverance and sacrifice needed to see a thriving church as he looks at the...
It's Finally Here
“It’s finally here!” Trace the “road" that was taken until the Word of God was finally placed in the hands of the Tepehuan church after years of labor. And continue reading to rejoice with New Testament translations being completed, to welcome new...
Tanzania: A Land of Diversity
Diversity: a range of different things. Follow Rosie Cochran’s trip to Tanzania and see how God is using diversity to see His Word reaching into the heart of Tanzania. How can you be a part of sharing God’s love to people around the world? Become...
The Benefit of Missions
In this issue, we feature Community Baptist Church of Montoursville, Pennsylvania, and their view that missions is not just one of the things a church does. They understand that missions is something that God has been up to from the very...
YOU Can Help
In this issue, we feature three different ways that people have invested in the lives of missionaries. You will see how others have come up with ways to help missionaries with vehicles, housing or other needs. Make a difference with opportunities...
How a Local Church in America Is Impacting the World
In this issue, we feature the First Baptist Church of Magnolia, Arkansas, and their decision to send Jeremy and Mandy Hambrice to minister among the Wantakia people group in Papua New Guinea. You will be introduced to new readers who express their...
Portrait of a Missions-minded Church
In this issue, we look at one church’s view of their responsibility to the missionaries whom they support. We also introduce you to 12 associate missionaries who have just gone out to minister. Don’t miss the challenge to come to the end of...
When God Cancelled Her Debt
In this issue, we feature the church planting work among the Menya people in Papua New Guinea. With the growing urban populations around the world, it’s a great reminder that there are still many isolated people groups in need of the gospel message.

Support the efforts of churches in Southeast Asia as they extend aid to Myanmar refugees.

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