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Aaron and Mandy Arterberry
Connor, Baylee, Oliver, Luke, Simon and Hudson

Ministry in Country: Network and Systems Engineer, Papua New Guinea
Sending Church: Journey Bible Church, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Aaron was brought to church before he could walk. He became a Christian by age 12 and recalls being told that he was a good kid.

However, he mentioned that “what I eventually realized is that I am not good. ‘No one is good,’ as Mark 10:18 says, ‘except God alone.’” Aaron is encouraged that “God has been gracious to grow my faith through trials over time.”

Likewise, Mandy grew up going to church. “When I was about 11, the Lord began drawing me to Him.” Mandy committed to read the entire Bible that year, thus learning the tenets of the Faith. One evening during church, she obeyed the command of Acts 2:38. “That night, I repented of my sins, received Him as my Lord and Savior and was baptized. I’m so thankful for His saving grace.”

As a family they had learned about unreached people groups, but a meeting with retired Ethnos360 missionary Jan Crowley in 2011 brought them face to face with the reality of the need for missions.

“[Jan] told stories about taking her four young girls into the jungles of Colombia and building a house in the middle of a lake just out of reach of poisonous arrows and darts from the people they were trying to reach with the gospel. Why would anyone do that? Because these people have never heard of Christ and never will unless someone goes and tells them.”

At that same time, there was a need in Papua New Guinea (PNG) which Aaron describes as an “absolutely perfect match for my job skills and experience.” God opened the doors for Aaron to use his career skills in computer networking in a critical role on the church planting team. After a short time in PNG in 2012-2013, God is again opening doors for them to return there in July.

Aaron’s and Mandy’s arrival will be an answer to prayer for many as Aaron joins Norbert and the rest of the IT team in Papua New Guinea. Their team impacts literally hundreds of missionaries in Papua New Guinea and dozens of church planting teams as they seek to see a thriving church for every people.

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POSTED ON Jun 01, 2018