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From our CEO

From our CEO

Dear Friend,

When we know a loved one is near the end of their life, we focus on and cherish each word they have to share.

In 2 Timothy we read Paul’s letter to his dear spiritual son. Paul wrote knowing that his time was short, and he desired desperately to share a few more important thoughts with Timothy.

Paul had been discipling Timothy for more than 16 years since they first met in Lystra. This discipleship started when Timothy agreed to go with Paul and Silas on Paul’s second missionary journey.

It’s important to point out two very important aspects related to discipleship that fly in the face of our “get it done,” “check it off our list” and “quick and easy” culture of today: time and depth.

At the time of this writing in 2 Timothy, Paul and Timothy had been working together for more than 13 years. We read how Paul increasingly entrusted the care of the church to Timothy. Paul exhorts Timothy to be alert, endure hardship, do the work and finish well.

There was nothing quick or easy about Paul’s discipleship of Timothy, nor was there anything quick or easy about his charge to Timothy. This work takes time and depth.

I’m excited you’re taking time to read this issue of the Ethnos360 magazine which focuses on discipleship. I trust you will appreciate the stories of these contemporary disciples who are now the Timothys of today, seeking to be faithful to Paul’s charge to Timothy.

Blessed to be your partner in making disciples,

Larry M. Brown
Ethnos360 CEO

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POSTED ON Jun 01, 2018 by Larry Brown, CEO, Ethnos360