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Mar 05, 2015 | Mission-Minded Kids
The next morning the commander had to ask them the question that had been burning in his mind all night: "What makes the Puinaves love you so much?"
Feb 04, 2015 | Mission-Minded Kids
Paul's "thank-yous" and steps both came faster and faster as he headed toward the plane. But the night was pitch black. He lost the trail and got tangled up in thick vines and bushes.
Jan 03, 2015 | Mission-Minded Kids
"Hola!" he greeted Paul in Spanish. "We want you to make one more flight for us before we let you go. Let's go."
Dec 02, 2014 | Mission-Minded Kids
Just as they got close enough to see the village, a thunderstorm suddenly moved in like a solid black wall. They could see palm trees down below bent over double from the wind. How on earth would Steve land?
Nov 01, 2014 | Mission-Minded Kids
When the pilot heard this news, he frowned with worry and turned to Tim and Bunny. "Don't you think it's getting too dangerous here?" "No, I can't leave now! The church is growing. I know who the Christians are now, and even those who aren't Christians want to learn more about God. I'm sure God wants us to be here and that He will take care of us."