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Project Goal:
Amount Raised: $115,182
Still Needed: $36,718
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Project Number: PPH008

Of the many tribes of people living in mountain villages of the Philippines, the Kalanguya tribe of more than 50,000 had never been exposed to the gospel until the mid 1960s when missionary families began living among them. The people had their own distinct language and culture and no written language at that time.


Medical work and teaching literacy along with language and culture studies were bridges of trust to gain the right to speak to the spiritual need in the lives of the Kalanguya people. Eager to be taught in their own language by the missionaries about the the creator God and His purpose for them as His creation, many exercised faith in God’s provision through the sacrifice of Jesus to pay the penalty for sin which set them free from a life of fear resulting from their spirit world beliefs.


During the years of teaching and training the Kalanguya believers to carry the gospel to other villages, the New Testament and some Old Testament portions were translated and printed along with commentaries and teaching curriculm for the teachers and leaders of the now 30 Kalanguya churches.


After the revision and reprinting of the Kalanguya New Testament, Kalanguya mother tongue translators were equipped to continue to translate the entire Old Testament. Working together with missionary translation consultants, the Old Testament was completed and checked earlier this year. Now the entire Bible is being prepared with footnotes and cross references for printing in the fall of 2018.

How you'll be helping

Your gift will enable the Kalanguya team to have the entire Bible printed for the first time in the Kalanguya language and enable the much needed reprinting of the Kalanguya Hymnal, Commentaries and teaching helps to equip the Kalanguya church leaders.

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