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Welcoming 2020

New Year, New Life

In a few days, a new year will begin. Are you ready for it?

And as we hear from Ethnos360 missionaries around the world, a new year isn’t the only exciting new thing happening.

Kaje people

There are new believers among the Kaje people of Papua New Guinea. These people who have listened to the gospel story and accepted Jesus as their Savior are starting a new life! And this new life will last for eternity.

New Readers and New Books

Elseng Literacy Program

In the Asia-Pacific Region, the first-ever literacy course is happening among the Elseng people. None of the Elseng people have ever learned to read the Elseng language before — a major milestone! When the literacy course is finished in the coming months, the new readers will be on their way to reading the Scriptures that are already undergoing translation into Elseng.

Speaking of Scripture translations, the Tepehuan people of Mexico received a complete New Testament in their language for the first time. Imagine holding, for the first time in history, words spoken by God Himself that have been put into your language?

New Bible Lessons and New Baptisms

Wantakia Kids

In Papua New Guinea, missionaries in three people groups — the Amdu, the Wantakia and the Pei — are readying themselves to begin teaching chronologically through the Bible at the beginning of 2020. These three people groups will be hearing the gospel for the first time.

Among the Pai Tavy Tera people of Paraguay, several believers chose to be baptized on Christmas Day and others will be baptized on New Year’s Day. These believers are showing to their entire community that they are identifying with Christ’s death and resurrection, that they too were dead and raised to new life in Jesus Christ.

So, as 2020 begins, we have new believers in Jesus, newly translated Scriptures, new readers, new hearers of the gospel and new identifiers with Christ’s death and resurrection. Let us celebrate all these new beginnings as we enter the new year together.

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POSTED ON Dec 29, 2019 by Emily Kopf