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Experience church planting overseas!

Discover the heart of cross-cultural missions. Come face-to-face with unknown realities as you learn from missionaries in the field. Your life will never be the same.

Interface is a six-week, college-level missions course based overseas.

The Interface trip price covers international travel, housing meals and course curriculum.

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Upcoming Programs

Papua New Guinea

Dates: June 3 - July 13, 2023*
Cost: approximately $5,500 - $6,500**

* Dates and prices are subject to change.

** If applying after April 1st, the price is subject to change due to airline surcharges.

** Price includes round trip flights from Los Angeles to Papua New Guinea. Transportation arrangements and expenses to and from Los Angeles should be arranged and paid for by each Interface participant. Contact Ethnos360 Short-term Trips at:

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Eastern Brazil

Dates: June/July, 2023*
Cost: approximately $4,500**

* Dates and prices are subject to change.

** If applying after April 1st, the price is subject to change due to airline surcharges.

** Price includes round trip flights from Orlando, FL to Brazil. Transportation arrangements and expenses to and from Orlando should be arranged and paid for by each Interface participant. Contact Ethnos360 Short-term Trips at:

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Interface 2023 is a six week college-level missions course in Papua New Guinea.

Discover what tribal church planting is all about by learning from experienced missionaries and interacting with tribal people. As part of an international team, experience life in one of Papua New Guinea’s 860 language groups.


In addition to morning classes, you’ll spend time with your national language helper learning the Melanesian pidgin language.  Learn words and phrases through study and shared activities like working in the garden or learning a local craft.

See the Course Curriculum


“Village exposure” is available almost every day depending on local happenings. By interacting with the people, playing with the kids and practicing language skills, you’ll experience more of the culture hands-on.

Other group activities include sports, a day trip to town to barter for souvenirs, and a traditional mumu feast.


The Interface staff open their homes to students every night. Spend time getting to know each other; exchange stories. They’ll listen as you process all you’re learning and answer your questions. Evening classes are often held, and weekly bonfires unite the group through worship and sharing. 

Tribal Side Trip

Drive or fly to a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea. Experience missionary life in a remote area while interacting with the missionaries and tribal people. Hear another language and taste another culture. Worship with tribal believers. You’ll see a church plant in progress as a culmination of your Interface experience.


An additional two to three week internship at Interface is available for those who qualify.


Go. Learn. Change.

Course Curriculum

Course requirements include written reports, reading course texts and related literature, language and culture elicitation and filing, and memorization of practical expressions.

Motivation for Missions (5 hrs.) What is God doing? How can you fit into His plans? Finding direction and His will for your life becomes clearer as you focus on His eternal purposes.

Evangelism & Discipleship (24 hrs.) Do you know how to effectively communicate the Gospel with an animist? You’ll hear how missionaries present the Gospel in a tribal church planting setting using a chronological approach.

Cross-Cultural Communication (32 hrs.) Convinced you can’t learn a foreign language? You’ll surprise yourself. Classroom instruction followed by immediate application in the village provides an ideal learning environment. This includes direct language and culture gathering experience.

Mission Methods (9 hrs.) Church-planting cross-culturally is a huge job! Careful planning is required. You’ll be shown the methods missionaries use today to keep on track. Language-learning goals, surveys, strategy statements, church-planting models, linguistics, literacy, Bible translation and more are covered.

Support Ministry (4 hrs.) You’ll have an opportunity to meet missionary teachers, pilots, accountants, field leaders, and many others who faithfully work as part of the overall missionary team to evangelize and to plant churches.

Finances in Missions (2 hrs.) Is it possible to stay out of debt and get an education? What does it cost to live as a missionary? This is your opportunity to receive biblically based, practical advice from experienced missionaries.

Communicating Missions (6 hrs.) Missionaries are an extension of the local church. In order to build effective partnerships with churches and individuals you must first learn how to communicate well.

Critical Issues in Missions (6 hrs.) Are the unreached tribal people really lost? What is the missionary call? What roles are there for women or singles in missions? These and other frequently asked questions are discussed.

Missionary Training (3 hrs.) What options are available to you? What are mission agencies looking for in a missionary candidate?

Tribal Side Trip: Towards the end of the course, you’ll go to another remote tribal location where a church has been planted. You’ll observe cultural events, practice culture and language acquisition skills, and worship with tribal believers.

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Interface Staff

The staff will impact your life as they share their heart for church planting with you.

No matter what they do, from maintenance to cooking, the staff is motivated by a bigger picture.

As you interact with down-to-earth missionaries, you’ll get a snapshot of how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Teaching personnel are members of Ethnos360 or their global partners, have completed requirements for missionary training and in some cases have graduate level degrees. Other missionaries in Papua New Guinea supplement the teaching staff as guest lecturers. Interact with missionaries serving as pilots, accountants, IT, teachers and Bible translators as you learn about specialized areas of ministry.