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“What Was God Thinking?” He gave up the glory of heaven for a stable. What was He thinking?
It’s a problem when we value missionaries who serve in support and missionaries who serve in the USA less than those whom people like to call “front-line” missionaries
You know what you have in common with missionaries? We’re all sent.
Mar 22, 2019 | Consider This, Ethnos360 Magazine, Sending, Ian Fallis
The way you view the relationship between missionaries and the church might not be biblical.
Jan 11, 2019 | Consider This, Ethnos360 Magazine, Sending, Ian Fallis
For us, this is impossible.” Most of us would read that as a cry of despair.
Each step on the road to a thriving church for every people is cause for us to celebrate the goodness of God and praise His name. Let’s celebrate every step.
Do you really need more of anything before you can go, give or grow? Are you — dare I ask this? — making excuses? Maybe you simply need to trust in the sufficiency of Christ.
Mar 13, 2018 | Africa, Bible translation, Bible translator, Consider This, Ethnos360 Magazine, Budik People, Ian Fallis
Vital — as in life-giving — is a great word for the importance of God’s Word in a church. Two years ago, when I made my first visit to Africa...
As we near the end of celebrating 75 years of partnering together in ministry, I hope gratitude has resonated in everything we’ve said and done.
“What’s in it for me?” doesn’t seem like the kind of question we ought to be asking our Almighty Creator, God. So it’s surprising how many times his Word seems to answer it, as He speaks about the benefits of obedience, the blessings of following and the rewards that await us in Heaven.