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Does Interface count for college credit?

It is a possibility, depending on your college or university’s requirements. Talk with your advisor or registrar. Several Christian universities or colleges have given credit in the past, such as Liberty University, Moody Bible Institute and New Tribes Bible Institute.

Is the Interface program offered in multiple locations?

No, the Interface course is located only in Papua New Guinea. Alternately, weekend and week-long retreats for youth and church groups are held at the Wayumi campus in Pennsylvania. Wayumi offers exposure to tribal church planting within the United States.

How do I fund this trip?

If you don’t have the funds you need for Interface, you have a great opportunity to learn about faith-based fund-raising. We’ll help you with prayer cards, and a sample letter you can send to friends and family. Share about your trip at your church or friend’s small group, and enlist your friends to help with fund-raisers. Watch God meet your needs.

Can my donors get a tax-deductible receipt?

Because Interface is considered an educational program, tax-deductible receipts are not available for gifts to Interface participants. Your donors will receive a receipt acknowledging their gifts.

What ages can go on Interface?

The minimum age is 18. Interface is for college age, married couples, singles, pastors or anyone eager to know about missions.

How long is the program?

Spend six weeks overseas. An additional two week internship is available for those who qualify.

What can I wear?

In order to be a good testimony in the local culture, a specific dress code is required. Your mission trip coach will discuss it with you as you prepare to go.

What will I eat?

The Interface chef cooks American-style food, with some local food to create a more cultural experience. You won’t have to eat bugs.

What is the weather like?

Because the program is near the ocean in the tropics, you can expect heat and humidity, tempered by tropical breezes.

Do I need any shots?

Yes, there is a list of immunizations that you are required to have before attending Interface. You will also need to take a malaria preventative the entire time you are in PNG.

Ask for details.

Will I have Internet access?

You will not have access to the Internet while at Interface. You will have the opportunity to use e-mail on designated computers.

How do I get started?

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How can I contact you?

Call us at 407.547.2491 or e-mail us at