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SEN: Teaching
The container of supplies for the school for the children of missionaries in Senegal has arrived, teacher Lois Clark reports. Thank you for praying. “Now begins the process of completing paperwork and having it delivered to the school for...
Dem Bible Teaching
On January 11, 2021, the Dem people group of the Asia-Pacific region began hearing the chronological Bible teaching for the first time...
Teaching children and praying
Author: Dena McMaster
Yembiyembi men are committing themselves to teaching their children in God’s ways. Pray that they will learn how to train their children and that the families will become one in Christ.
Use Your Teaching Skills in Missions
John and Amber Adams are teachers at Numonohi Christian Academy in Papua New Guinea. John teaches history, French and social studies, while Amber teaches second grade. We discussed their motivation for teaching missionary children on the other...
Looking for more teaching opportunities
Ray Pollock is teaching Bible lessons in a Tagbanwa village and faces a couple of challenges. Pray that Tagbanwa believers are motivated to help teach, and that time can be found to teach more often.
Teaching Faithful Men to Teach Others
Since the inception of NTM, teaching “faithful men who shall be able to teach others” has been viewed as a necessity.
Use Your Teaching Skills in Missions
Find out how you can use your teaching skills in missions.
When a Shaman Attends Bible Teaching ...
Shamans sometimes attended the teaching, hoping to find more ways to manipulate the spirit world, but this time it was different.
Teaching makes sense to Akolets
Author: Ian Fallis
The first week of evangelistic Bible teaching seems to have captured the Akolets’ attention. One woman said, "We need to come to this every day." Please pray that God’s Word is clearly understood.
Kumans teaching children
Author: David Bell
Aketa, Saina and Ruth are among the Kuman women teaching God’s Word to more than 30 children. Pray that the lessons have a long-lasting impact on the youngsters.