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Sep 04, 2020 | Ethnos360 Magazine, From our CEO, The Editors Letter, Larry Brown, CEO, Ethnos360
Wherever I see what we term a successful church plant, I see perseverance and sacrifice. It takes getting out of our comfort zones; it takes walking by faith, being confident in the character of God and His promises.
Nov 01, 2016 | Macon Hare, Executive Editor, The Editors Letter,
I remember the first time hiking into the mountain hamlet where Awayo lived. We were there to make a video about Awayo’s story of moving from fear to faith. When we arrived, he was sitting in front of the men’s house and got up to give us the traditional greeting of his people, a two-finger snap.
Jul 11, 2016 | Ethnos360 Magazine, The Editors Letter, Macon Hare, Executive Editor
A failed generator repair illustrates the fact that discipleship requires clear communication to be effective.
"Today we worship God, but when we look beyond we see other unreached people. We need to go and reach those people."
There was still so much more to the story...
There was no money for gas, tickets, passports, visas, shipping ... until God provided.
Jul 01, 2014 | Ethnos360 Magazine, The Editors Letter, Macon Hare, Executive Editor, Papua New Guinea, Siawi People
Not too many years ago the Siawi language was not written. It didn't even have an alphabet. Yet now Siawi church leaders are faithfully teaching God’s written Word to a congregation of eager learners.
When you’re flying over a jungle in a single-engine plane and the prop shears off, ripping the engine out of its mounts, it’s a good sign you’re in trouble.
I am so thankful for missionaries who persevere to make a difference in the lives of people who would not get a chance any other way.